Homebrew Reference Book: Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook - Vehicles and Vessels

Starship Systems Type: Defense Systems

Agrinium Restricted 5000 (Base) +5 Fortitude vs Radiation -
Chromium Restricted 20,000 (Base) +5 DR vs Ion -
Condensed Matter


Restricted 12,000 (Base) -5 Damage when Ramming -
Durinium Military 80,000 (Base) +2 DC to Use Sensors -
Impervium Restricted 50,000 (Base) +2 DR vs Lasers +10 to Install DC
Lead Licensed 2000 (Base) +5 Fortitude vs Radiation -10% Speed
Mandalorian Iron Rare 25,000 (Base) +2 DR +5 to Install DC
Neuranium Rare 150,000 (Base) +5 Fortitude vs Radiation, +2 DC to Use Sensors -20% Speed, -10 to Initiative
VACX Licensed 500 (Base) +2 DR for 5 Rounds One-Time Usage
By using certain alloys, compounds, or polymers, it is possible to apply coatings to the hull of a Vehicle to allow the craft to exhibit special qualities. This process costs no Emplacement Points to install, but the installation check and time is treated the same as a component costing 10 Emplacement Points. Upon a successful installation, the ship takes on the benefits and penalties of the particular coating.

Only one coating can be installed on a ship at a time. Because this modification is applied to the outer hull, when repairs are needed on the hull of the ship, repairs are necessary to this modification as well. New coatings can be created at the Gamemaster’s discretion with varying degrees of benefits and penalties. Consult the table above for examples of the effects of various materials.

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