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This article is a collection of Droids produced for or widely used by The Old Republic and their respective eras in which they are present.

The Old Republic Era Edit

See Also: The Old Republic Era


Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

G0-T0 Infrastructure-Planning Droid CL 1 Programmed to serve as a central organizational hub for planetary rebuilding efforts.
Sentinel Droid Mark I CL 1 A war droid used by both The Old Republic and The Sith Empire during The Jedi Civil War.
Juggernaut War Droid CL 4 Designed specifically for use by the Republic rocket-jumper corps.
Mark I Assault Droid CL 6 A large battle droid model used by The Old Republic and the Sith Empire alike.
Mark IV Assault Droid CL 6 A model of quadrupedal battle droid used by The Old Republic and The Sith Empire alike.
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