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Nonheroic characters include everything from professional workers to petty criminals, police officers to common thugs. They lack the inclination or training to be heroes, but are capable in their own fields.

Skilled engineers, educated professors, and master architects are all Nonheroic characters, as is the local governor, the self-serving spice merchant, and the baseline Imperial Stormtrooper.

Nonheroic Units by Challenge Level (CL)[]

The below links include pages that list Nonheroic Units by their Challenge Level (CL):

Unaffiliated Nonheroic Units[]

A number of Nonheroic Units are deliberately generic in nature, allowing for their use in a multitude of adventures. The following are such Nonheroic Units, for use by a Gamemaster in nearly any campaign.

Species Variations[]

Main Article: Species Variations

Most Nonheroic Units can be used as templates for different variations of similar archetypes by applying different Species to create more interesting encounters. Included are different Nonheroic Units with Species applied to alter their base statistics.