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This article is a collection of Vehicles produced for or widely used by The New Republic and their respective eras in which they are present.

The New Jedi Order Era Edit

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Saga Edition Core Rulebook

T-65B X-Wing Starfighter Starfighter CL 10 Main starfighter of the New Republic and hailed as one of the best designed starfighters ever made.
X-Wing Fighter
Y-Wing Starfighter Starfighter CL 10 Main bomber used by the New Republic, slowly decommissioned in favor of the B-Wing.
Koensayr Y-Wing Starfighter

Starships of the Galaxy

A-Wing Starfighter Starfighter CL 9 One of the fastest mass-produced interceptors in the known galaxy.
A-Wing Starfighter
T-65BR X-Wing Starfighter Starfighter CL 9 Modified X-Wing outfitted for scouting missions.
T-65BR X-Wing Starfighter
B-Wing Shuttle Starfighter CL 10 B-Wing with an extended cockpit for a copilot or passenger.
Slayn & Korpil B-Wing Shuttle
B-Wing Starfighter Starfighter CL 10 Advanced starfighter/bomber developed by the Mon Calamari and Verpine near the end of the Galactic Civil War.
Slayn & Korpil B-Wing Starfighter
T-65XJ3 X-Wing Starfighter Starfighter CL 11 Successor of the T-65B, designed to counter the biological weapons of the Yuuzhan Vong.
T-65XJ3 X-Wing Starfighter
B-Wing/E2 Starfighter Starfighter CL 12 Extended B-Wing with extended cockpit for a gunner.
Slayn & Korpil B-WingE2 Starfighter
E-Wing Starfighter Starfighter CL 12 Designed to replace the A-Wing, usually flown by Ace Pilots due to their expense and advanced capabilities.
E-Wing Starfighter, Type B
K-Wing Assault Starfighter Starfighter CL 12 Starfighter/Bomber that was produced to replace the Y-Wing, but quickly fell out of favor due to the crew needed to man the ship.
K-Wing Assault Starfighter
GR-75 Medium Transport Capital Ship CL 8 The New Republic used these ships to salvage equipment from past battles across the galaxy.
GR-75 Medium Transport
Nebulon-B Frigate Capital Ship CL 16 Primary support vessel for the fledgling Republic, typically paired with more powerful Capital Ships.
Nebulon-B Frigate-0
Rebel Assault Frigate Mk I Capital Ship CL 16 Refitted Republic/Imperial dreadnoughts.
Rebel Assault Frigate Mk 1
Rebel Assault Frigate Mk II Capital Ship CL 17 Successor of the Rebel Assault Frigate Mk I.
Rebel Assault Frigate Mk II
Endurance-Class Fleet Carrier Capital Ship CL 26 A modified Nebula-Class, used to ferry New Republic Starfighters.
Endurance-Class Fleet Carrier
Nebula-Class Star Destroyer Capital Ship CL 26 Designed to be the backbone of the New Republic to defend allied planets and territories.
Nebula-Class Star Destroyer
The Lusankya Space Station CL 36 Captured from the Empire, repurposed as the flagship of Rogue Squadron.
The Lusankya
Viscount-Class Star Defender Space Station CL 45 Admiral Ackbar commissioned these for the New Republic as an answer to the power of a Super Star Destroyer.
Viscount-Class Star Defender

Homebrew Content

I-7 Howlrunner Starfighter CL 13 One of many ragtag crafts used by Saba Sebatyne's Wild Knights.
I-7 Howlrunner
Braha'tok-Class Gunship Capital Ship CL 13 Anti-Starfighter escort, typically accompanying larger fleets rather than independent missions.
Braha'tok-Class Gunship
Majestic-Class Heavy Cruiser Capital Ship CL 20 Mainstays of the New Republic fleet, used to support Starfighters in ship-to-ship encounters.
Majestic-Class Heavy Cruiser
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