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This article lists Nonheroic units of The New Republic and their relevant eras. If a unit is available in multiple eras, they will be shown in each era's section that they appear.

The New Jedi Order Era Edit

See also: The New Jedi Order Era

Threats of the Galaxy
SpecForce Heavy Weapons Specialist CL 5 Members of the 6th Regiment HWS, trained in Heavy Weapons support and suppression.
SpecForce Elite Soldier CL 13 Stealthy commandos who are among the first to enter the field of battle.
SD-6 "Hulk" Infantry Droid CL 14 Immensely powerful War Droids with devastating armaments and hefty armor plating.
Rebellion Era Campaign Guide
SpecForce Marine CL 4 Fleet personnel, trained in small arms for boarding actions.
SpecForce Urban Guerrilla CL 5 Urban-combat specialists, proficient in close-combat assaults and demolitions.
SpecForce Infiltrator CL 7 Shadowy operatives, known not just for their abilities, but their vengeful attitudes.
SpecForce Officer CL 7 Experienced members of SpecForces, leading by example with their specialized training.
Rogue Squadron Pilot CL 8 A pilot of the legendary squadron, the best of the best pilots available.
Scavenger's Guide to Droids
X-1 Viper Droid CL 8 A direct counter to the AT-ATs of the Imperial Remnant, with heavy firepower and shielding.
YVH Battle Droid CL 9 Specialized Droids by Tendrando Arms to combat the Yuuzhan Vong.
SD-9 Battle Droid CL 16 The first of the SD-Series sold to The New Republic by Balmora Arms, and one of the most powerful Droids to date.
Web Enhancements
Commando Strike Leader CL 4 Resilient mission commanders, participating in high-risk operations.
Bothan Commando CL 5 Military infiltrators with specialized combat training.
Commando Pathfinder CL 8 A member of New Republic SpecForce, performing reconnaissance missions reminiscent of Rebel tactics.

Homebrew Content

New Republic Trooper CL 2 A trooper of The New Republic, stationed anywhere from The Core to The Outer Rim.
New Republic Heavy Trooper CL 3 Heavy Weapons specialist, loaded with excessive weaponry and armor.
New Republic Marksman CL 5 Deadly accurate snipers, harrying Imperial forces to soften their defenses.
New Republic Officer CL 8 A commander of New Republic forces, in charge of squads and bases throughout Republic Space.
Wild Knight CL 8 Maverick Jedi Pilots who fly missions throughout the galaxy in marginally maintained Y-Wings, I-7 Howlrunners, and other Starfighters.
New Republic Senator CL 10 An experienced senator in the New Republic Senate.
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