Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Starships of the Galaxy

Starship Systems Type: Movement Systems

Limited 0 Common - 500
Standard 1 Licensed - 2000
Advanced 2 Licensed - 20,000

A Navicomputer is an astrogation calculator designed to make all the calculations necessary to travel through Hyperspace. Most Starships have Navicomputers, but those that lack Hyperdrives and some fighters that depend on Astromech Droids do not.

Though extremely expensive, Advanced Navicomputers exist. These grant a +10 bonus on Use Computer checks made for Astrogation, rather than a typical Navicomputer's +5 bonus. Additionally, a character aboard a ship that has a Navicomputer need not be Trained in the Use Computer Skill to make use of the Astrogation aspect of the Skill.

Navicomputers in Starfighters[edit | edit source]

Most Navicomputers are Nonstandard Modifications for Starfighters- these ships simply don't have the room for the memory core required to store and track the locations of untold billions of celestial objects. Instead, Starfighters often have Limited Navicomputers that store only two jumps' worth of information, enough to get to a destination and return. Some Limited Navicomputers have a greater memory capacity, but these are rare and more expensive.

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