You are skilled at commanding Starships and small fleets.

Combined Fire Edit

As a Swift Action, you may designate a single creature, Vehicle or object within your line of sight as the target of Combined Fire. Any Weapon Batteries attacking the target deal an extra die of damage for every 2 points by which their attack roll exceeds the target's Reflex Defense (Instead of every 3 points). In addition, when using the Tactical Fire option for a Capital Ship, you may designated a weapon or Weapon Battery to make a single attack.

Fleet Deployment Edit

Prerequisite: Charisma 13

As a Full-Round Action, you can designate a number of Vehicles equal to your Officer Class Level and within your line of sight. Those Vehicles may immediately move a number of squares equal to their Speed.

Fleet Tactics Edit

Prerequisites: Charisma 13, Fleet Deployment

As a Standard Action, you may designate a single Vehicle as the target of a large-scale assault. If you succeed on a DC 15 Knowledge (Tactics) check, all allied Gunners within line of sight deal 1 additional die of damage to the target with each successful ranged attack until the start of your next turn. This is a Mind-Affecting effect.

It's a Trap! Edit

You are skilled at sensing the plans of enemy naval Officers, and counteracting them. Once per encounter as a Reaction, you can grant the Pilot of any single Vehicle within line of sight (Including a Vehicle you are commanding) an immediate Move Action.

Legendary Commander Edit

Prerequisites: Charisma 13, Intelligence 13, Born Leader

When you are the Commander of a Capital Ship, calculate its Reflex Defense using your Heroic Level plus one-half the ship's armor bonus (Rounded down), the Pilot's Heroic Level, or the ship's Armor bonus, whichever is highest. In addition, all Gunners on your ship add one-half your Heroic Level, or one-half their Heroic Level, whichever is more, to damage rolls with Vehicle Weapons. Finally, you treat any generic crew as being one quality level higher (Maximum of Ace, see Crew Quality).

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