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Non-Player Characters (NPC's) are characters controlled by the Gamemaster. Gamemasters may find that there are no suitable pregenerated units to use and wish to create their own. This article will outline the general rules for creating custom NPC's.

Excel Creation Sheets

Heroic NPC Creation[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Character Creation

Heroic NPCs have a Challenge Level (CL) equal to their Character Level

A Heroic NPC uses the same creation methods as a regular player uses to create their hero. This can be used by the Gamemaster to create an ally or antagonist specifically tailored to counter the heroes at key moments in their adventure.

Nonheroic NPC Creation[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Nonheroic

Nonheroic NPCs have a Challenge Level (CL) equal to their Nonheroic Level/3 (Rounded down) + their Heroic Class levels (If any)

Nonheroic characters include everything from professional workers to petty criminals, police officers to common thugs. They lack the inclination or training to be heroes. but they are capable in their own fields. Skilled engineers, educated professors, and master architects are all Nonheroic characters, as is the local governor, the self-serving spice merchant, and the baseline Imperial Stormtrooper.

Beast Creation[edit | edit source]

Main Articles: Beast (Class), Beasts (Affiliation)

Beast NPCs have a Challenge Level (CL) equal to their Beast Level - 1

All animals and other non-sentient life forms have levels in the beast class (A Nonheroic class). In the Star Wars universe, beasts are usually encountered as threats (Such as Acklays, Rancors, and Wampas) or as mounts (Such as Dewbacks and Tauntauns).

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