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Mustafar is a small planet located in the Mustafar System of The Outer Rim Territories, coreward of Rutan, between the Hydian Way and the Ninth Quadrant. A fiery volcanic world where lava is mined like a precious natural resource, Mustafar often serves as a place to dispose of unwanted evidence, a quality which draws Black Sun to the planet.

Mustafar Statistics[edit | edit source]

Region: The Outer Rim

Climate: Hot (Volcanic)

Gravity: Standard

Moons: None

Length of Day: 36 Standard Hours

Length of Year: 412 Local Days

Sapient Species: 95% Southern and Northern Mustafarian (Native), 3% Skakoan, 2% Other Species

Government: Techno Union

Capital: Fralideja

Major Exports: Minerals, Ore

Major Imports: Foodstuffs, Technology

Knowledge (Galactic Lore)
10 Mustafar is a possession of the Techno Union, and has been for almost 300 years.
15 Mustafar is a volcanic planet, with nearly 35% of the surface being molten. This is due to the stresses placed on the planet by the gravity fields of two large gas giants that affect its orbit.
30 Many Jedi Temples once existed on Mustafar. War with the Sith resulted in the near-apocalyptic changes to the planetary surface, causing the Jedi to abandon their enclaves.
Knowledge (Life Sciences)
10 Mustafarians are composed of two related but distinct subspecies; Northern Mustafarians, who are tall and thin, and Southern Mustafarians, who are short and somewhat sturdier.
20 Mustafarians use domesticated arthropods known as lava fleas as mounts so that they can traverse the cooled and crusted-over surfaces of their planet.
25 The Mustafarians survived Mustafar's cataclysm by migrating to the planet's cooler regions.
30 Though theoretically under the control of the Techno Union, the Mustafarians are largely neutral and unconcerned with offworld politics.
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