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A Move Action represents physical movement. The most common Move Action is moving up to your speed score. You can perform one Move Action on your turn, or two if you give up your Standard Action.With the exception of specific movement related Skills, most Move Actions don't require Skill Checks. In some cases (Such as shouldering a stuck door), Ability Checks might be required.

Move Actions include the following:

Move Edit

You can Move up to your Speed as a Move Action. Even Moving 1 square is considered a Move Action. Nonstandard modes of movement are also covered by this type of Action, such as Climbing or Riding an animal.

Draw or Holster a Weapon Edit

Drawing or Holstering a Weapon is a Move Action. If you are proficient in a weapon’s use, Drawing the weapon always includes any Action necessary to activate the weapon (Thus, a Lightsaber can be Drawn and activated as a single Move Action if you are proficient with the weapon).

Quick Draw Edit

If you have the Quick Draw feat, you can Draw or Holster a Weapon as a Swift Action instead of a Move Action.

Manipulate an Item Edit

Manipulating an Item includes picking up an item, loading a weapon, opening a door, or moving a heavy object.

Retrieving a Stored Item Edit

Retrieving a Stored item out of a backpack, carrying case, or other closed containers requires two Move Actions, one to open the container, and one to get the item. Holsters, Utility Belts, and Bandoliers are not considered to be closed containers for the purpose of this type of Action.

Stand Up Edit

Standing Up from a Prone position requires a Move Action.

Acrobatic Standing Edit

If you are Trained in the Acrobatics skill, you can stand up from a Prone position as a Swift Action with a successful DC 15 Acrobatics check.

Withdraw Edit

You can Withdraw from combat as a Move Action. To Withdraw, the first 1 square of your movement must take you out of your opponent's threatened area by the shortest possible route. If you must move more than 1 square to escape the threatened area, you can't Withdraw. You can move normally (Take a Move Action) in order to escape an opponent, but you provoke an Attack of Opportunity when doing so.

Once you clear the threatened area, you may continue to move, up to a total of half your Speed.

You can disengage from more than one opponent in the same Action, but only if you can clear all threatened areas in your first 1 square of movement.

Disengaging protects you from Attacks of Opportunity during your first square of movement, but you may provoke Attacks of Opportunity later in your turn (For example, you may move through another character's threatened area).

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