Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Unknown Regions

Always mobile, scouts have developed ways to ride and drive over all types of terrain.

Battle Mount Edit

Prerequisites: Expert Rider, Terrain Guidance, Trained in Ride

You know how to fight from a living mount. You can use each of the following Actions once per encounter:

Expert Rider Edit

Prerequisite: Trained in Ride

You can reroll any Ride check, but the result of the reroll must be accepted, even if it is worse.

Terrain Guidance Edit

Prerequisite: Trained in Ride

You effectively guide your mount through rough terrain. When in control of your mount, you can make a DC 20 Ride check as a Swift Action to negate the effect of Difficult Terrain on your mount's Speed.

Mechanized Rider Edit

Prerequisites: Trained in Ride, Trained in Pilot

You use your riding experience to improve your skills on a Speeder or a Swoop Bike. When riding a Speeder or a Swoop Bike (Or another, similar Vehicle), you can use the following applications of the Ride skill: Fast Mount or Dismount, Soft Fall, Stay in Saddle, and Use Mount as Cover.

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