Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Web Enhancements

By Rodney Thompson & Patrick Stutzman

"Message to Spacers" is a new regular column that brings you new Starships and Space Stations from throughout the Star Wars universe. Each article provides new statistics and descriptions to make it easy to use a particular ship or station in your game immediately.

  1. XQ2 Space Platform (CL 16)
  2. Cardan I-Class Space Station (CL 8)
  3. Cardan II-Class Space Station (CL 12)
  4. Cardan III-Class Space Station (CL 20)
  5. Corellian YZ-775 Medium Transport (CL 12)
  6. E-9 Explorer (CL 7)
  7. CS-1 Cargo Sled (CL 1)
  8. Baas-Class Space Station (CL 7)
  9. Z-10 Seeker-Class Scout Ship (CL 5)
  10. Alpha-Class Xg-1 Star Wing (CL 12)
  11. Crusader-Class Corvette (CL 16)
  12. Heraklon-Class Transport (CL 7)
  13. TL-1800 Transport (CL 6)
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