Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

Though few military engineers would call Matrix Armor a pretty design, it is effective. Matrix Armor takes armor plating and from Starships, bonding it to the outside of a suit of Heavy Armor. With the Matrix Armor plating in patterns similar to those used by Fiber Armor and Mesh Armor, the wearer of a suit of Matrix Armor can turn aside Energy-weapon attacks that would otherwise be devastating. Once per encounter, a character Fighting Defensively while wearing Matrix Armor can gain Damage Reduction 30 against a single ranged Energy attack as a Reaction.

Type: Heavy Armor

Cost: 9000

Bonus to Reflex Defense: +9

Bonus to Fortitude Defense: +3

Maximum Dexterity Bonus: +1

Weight: 25 Kilograms

Availability: Restricted

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