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Affiliations: The Jedi, The Felucian Shamans, Shaak Ti

After Padawan Maris Brood narrowly escaped the slaughter of Order 66, she was found by Jedi Master Shaak Ti, who took her into hiding on the planet of Felucia. While Shaak Ti focused on training the native shamans in the ways of The Force, Brood wandered off on her own, testing her skills against the planet's hostile wildlife and exploring The Force along her own path. Learning from her exposure to The Felucian Shamans, Maris Brood has already begun to master non-Jedi techniques that allow her to commune directly with wild beasts (Even including giants such as the Rancor).

 Maris Brood, Apprentice Statistics (CL 6) Edit

Medium Zabrak Jedi 6

Destiny Points: 1; Force Points: 4; Dark Side Score: 6

Initiative: +10; Senses: Perception: +10

Languages: Basic, Zabrak

Defenses Edit

Reflex Defense: 19 (Flat-Footed: 17 (Lightsaber Defense: 20)), Fortitude Defense: 16, Will Defense: 19; Block

Hit Points: 64, Damage Threshold: 16

Offense Edit

Speed: 6 Squares

Melee: Unarmed +8 (1d4+3)

Melee: Short Lightsaber +8 (2d6+3)

Melee: Short Lightsaber +6 (2d6+3) and Short Lightsaber +6 (2d6+3)

Ranged: By Weapon +8

Base Attack Bonus: +6, Grab: +8

Attack Options: Weapon Finesse

Special Actions: Charm Beast

Force Power Suite (Use the Force +14): Battle Strike (2), Dark Rage, Move Object, Rebuke, Surge

Species Traits (Zabrak): Heightened Awareness, Superior Defenses

Base Stats Edit

Abilities: Strength 10, Dexterity 15, Constitution 9, Intelligence 14, Wisdom 14, Charisma 12

Talents: Block, Charm Beast, Lightsaber Defense

Feats: Dual Weapon Mastery I, Dual Weapon Mastery II, Force Sensitivity, Force Training (2), Skill Focus (Use the Force), Weapon Finesse, Weapon Proficiency (Lightsabers), Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons)

Skills: Acrobatics +10, Initiative +10, Perception +10, Use the Force +14

Possessions: Short Lightsaber (2), Field Kit, Medpac

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