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This article lists Nonheroic Mandalorian units and their relevant eras. If a unit is available in multiple eras, they will be shown in each era's section that they appear.

 All Eras of Play Edit

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Threats of the Galaxy

Mandalorian Supercommando CL 16 Elite Mandalorian warriors, trained to defend their clans and families through warfare.
Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide
Mandalorian Crusader CL 3 A traditional Crusader from the days before the Neo-Crusader movement. They embody the spirit of Mandalorian traditions.
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Mandalorian Trooper CL 3 A trained Mandalorian warrior, an elite in the fringes of society.
Mandalorian Marauder CL 6 Lightly armored infiltrators, with a mastery of vibroblades.

The Old Republic EraEdit

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Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide
Mandalorian Neo-Crusader CL 1 Fervent warriors of the Neo-Crusader movement, becoming less and less able during the downward spiral of The Mandalorian Wars.
Mandalorian Neo-Crusader Shock Trooper CL 5 Neo-Crusader specialists, trained for incursions and strike missions against The Old Republic.
Mandalorian Neo-Crusader Rally Master CL 6 Crimson-armored commanders of Neo-Crusader footsoldiers, serving both as officers and teachers.
Mandalorian Neo-Crusader Marshal CL 10 Golden-suited commanders of amorphous areas, considered to carry the authority of Mandalore himself.
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