Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

The basic issue Armor of The Mandalorian ground forces, Mandalorian Neo-Crusader Light Armor includes a helmet, boots, and gauntlets. The helmet provides any wearer who has the Armor Proficiency (Light) Feat with an internal Comlink and a Helmet Package. The suit can also provide it's wearer with up to 10 hours of life support, allowing the wearer to survive in the Vacuum of space or in any other hostile environment. This armor comes with a Jet Pack and has four unused Upgrade Slots.

Type: Light Armor

Cost: Not available for sale

Bonus to Reflex Defense: +6

Bonus to Fortitude Defense: +2

Maximum Dexterity Bonus: +3

Weight: 42 Kilograms

Availability: Rare

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