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Affiliations: The Mandalorians

The pursuit of the glory of battle takes many forms, and some Mandalorians prefer to test their cunning and strength in the hunt. Focusing on stealth and one-on-one engagements, these hunters terrorized their foes, stalking and eliminating isolated targets with merciless silence. While some used Stealth Field Generators to make it possible to operate even in daylight, many preferred to depend on their skills alone. This hunter's tradition survived for millennia as many Mandalorians in later eras worked as bounty hunters instead of mercenaries or traditional soldiers.

 Mandalorian Marauder Statistics (CL 6) Edit

Medium Human Nonheroic 3/Scout 5

Destiny Points: 1; Force Points: 3; Dark Side Score: 2

Initiative: +11; Senses: Low-Light Vision, Perception: +11

Languages: Basic, Mando'a, 1 Unassigned

Defenses Edit

Reflex Defense: 20 (Flat-Footed: 18), Fortitude Defense: 19, Will Defense: 15; Total Concealment

Hit Points: 38, Damage Threshold: 19

Offense Edit

Speed: 6 Squares; Hidden Movement, Running AttackH

Melee: Dire Vibroblade +9 (2d6+8)

Melee: Dire Vibroblade +7 (3d6+8) with Rapid Strike

Ranged: Heavy Blaster Pistol +7 (3d8+2)

Base Attack Bonus: +5, Grab: +8

Attack Options: Power Attack, Rapid Strike

Special Actions: Melee Defense

H- Human bonus Feat

Base Stats Edit

Abilities: Strength 16, Dexterity 15, Constitution 12, Intelligence 14, Wisdom 10, Charisma 8

Talents: Improved Stealth, Hidden Movement, Total Concealment

Feats: Armor Proficiency (Light), Melee Defense, Power Attack, Rapid Strike, Running AttackH, Weapon Focus (Advanced Melee Weapons), Weapon Proficiency (Advanced Melee Weapons), Weapon Proficiency (Pistols), Weapon Proficiency (Rifles), Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons)

Skills: Initiative +11, Perception +11, Stealth +11 (May reroll, must take second result), Survival +9H

Possessions: Mandalorian Neo-Crusader Light Armor (+6 Reflex, +2 Fortitude), Dire Vibroblade, Heavy Blaster Pistol, Utility Belt

H- Human bonus Feat or Trained Skill

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