Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Clone Wars Campaign Guide

See also: Force Powers

You create dizziness and nausea by disrupting your target's equilibrium.

[Light Side]

Time: Standard Action

Targets: One living creature within 6 squares of you and in your line of sight.

Make a Use the Force check. Compare the result to your target's Fortitude Defense. If your check result equals or exceeds the target's Fortitude Defense, the target moves -1 step down the Condition Track. Additionally, until the end of it's next turn, the target takes a -5 penalty to it's Damage Threshold.

Special: You can spend a Force Point to increase the penalty to the target's Damage Threshold to -10.

You can maintain Malacia from round to round, extending the duration of the Damage Threshold penalty. Maintaining the Malacia Force Power is a Standard Action, and you must make a new Use the Force check each round. If you take damage while maintaining Malacia, you must succeed on a Use the Force check (DC = 15 + damage taken) to continue maintaining the Malacia.

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