Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

The Luka Sene build upon the natural Miralukan sense-based abilities. You must be a member of The Luka Sene Force Tradition to select any of the Talents described below.

Field Detection Edit

Prerequisite: Trained in Use the Force

As a Swift Action, make a DC 15 Use the Force check. If the check succeeds, you can detect the presence, general strength, and origin (Or direction of origin if the source is out of range) of electromagnetic and energy fields within 12 squares of you. You can also determine the type of field, allowing you to detect Communications Devices, Detection and Surveillance Devices, and other electronic Equipment. When dealing damage to a person or Droid using a personal shield, or to a Vehicle with shields active, a successful check allows you to detect minute fluctuations in the shield, reducing their Shield Rating by -5 against your attacks until the end of your turn.

Improved Force Sight Edit

Prerequisites: Miraluka, Trained in Use the Force

Your natural Force Sight is more precise than that of your fellow Miraluka. You can use the Search application of the Perception Skill as a Swift Action. Additionally, you always succeed when using the Sense Surroundings application of the Use the Force Skill (No roll required).

Luka Sene Master Edit

Prerequisites: Field Detection, Farseeing

You are a Master of Luka Sene techniques and an expert in using sense-related Talents and Force Powers. Once per encounter, you gain a temporary Force Point that you must spend when activating a Talent from either the Sense Talent Tree or Luka Sene Talent Tree, when using the Farseeing Force Power, or on a Use the Force check made to use the Search your Feelings or Sense Force applications of the Skill. The Force Point is lost if not used before the end of the encounter.

Quickseeing Edit

Prerequisites: Trained in Use the Force, Farseeing

As a Free Action on your turn, you can make a Use the Force check against a living creature within 12 squares, removing one use of the Farseeing Force Power from your active Force Power Suite (As though you had activated the Force Power). If your check result equals or exceeds the Will Defense of the target, you gain a +2 insight bonus on attack rolls against that target until the end of your turn. This counts as using the Farseeing Force Power against that target, but this Talent replaces the normal rules and effects of that Force Power.

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