Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Legacy Era Campaign Guide

Template Type: Vehicle Templates

Used to represent everything from Yuuzhan Vong Vehicles to the spacecraft of Zonama Sekot, the Living Vehicle Template allows you to create statistics for biological analogies of existing ships. Though the template won't present the fine mechanical tuning of designing a Vehicle from scratch, if you just need a basic Living Vehicle comparable in firepower to an X-Wing Starfighter, the Living Vehicle Template should suffice.

Modifications Edit

To create a Living Vehicle, make the following changes to an existing Vehicle:

  • Challenge Level (CL): The CL of a Living Vehicle is equal to its normal value +2.
  • Shield Rating: Typically, the SR of a Living Vehicle does not represent traditional shields but some other form of damage absorption. Yuuzhan Vong Vehicles use Dovin Basals to help negate damage. A Living Vehicle's SR is not reduced by a single attack, even if it exceeds the ship's current SR. A Weapon System set to Autofire, however, reduces the Living Vehicle's SR as normal if the Autofire attack's damage exceeds the Living Vehicle's SR.
  • Hit Points: Unlike a normal Vehicle, Mechanics checks cannot be made to Repair Hit Point damage to a Living Vehicle. The Treat Injury skill can be used to Repair the Living Vehicle's lost Hit Points.
  • Natural Healing: A Living Vehicle regains a number of Hit Points per day on it's own equal to one-half it's Fortitude Defense. These Hit Points are only regained when the Living Vehicle is unused for 8 hours.
  • Dovin Basals: Yuuzhan Vong Vehicles have Dovin Basals, small organisms that generate tiny black holes that can be used for special attacks. A Dovin Basal has the same Range as a Blaster Cannon, but cannot fire at targets at Long Range. A Dovin Basal does not deal normal Hit Point damage; instead, if the Dovin Basal's damage exceeds the target Vehicle's SR, the Vehicle's SR is reduced by 10 instead of by 5. A Dovin Basal's damage is determined by its size:
Colossal or Smaller 7d10x2
Colossal (Frigate) 5d10x5
Colossal (Cruiser) or Larger 7d10x5
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