You lead a privileged life and reap the benefit of an upbringing beyond most citizens of the galaxy.

Connections Edit

You are able to obtain Licensed, Restricted, Military, or Illegal Equipment without having to pay a licensing fee or endure a background check, provided the total cost of the desired Equipment is equal to or less than your character level x 1000 credits. In addition, when obtaining Equipment or Services through the black market, you reduce the black market cost multiplier by 1.

Educated Edit

Thanks to your well-rounded education, you may make any Knowledge check Untrained.

Spontaneous Skill Edit

Prerequisite: Educated

Sometimes you surprise others with your skill. Once per day, you may make an Untrained Skill Check as though you were trained in the Skill. Exception: You cannot use this Talent to make an untrained Use the Force check as though you were trained in the skill, unless you have the Force Sensitivity feat.

You can select this Talent multiple times; each time you do, you can use it one additional time per day.

Wealth Edit

Each time you gain a level (Including the level at which you select this talent), you receive an amount of credits equal to 5000 x your Class Level. You can spend these credits as you see fit. The credits appear in a civilized, accessible location of your choice or in your private bank account.

Additional Lineage Talents Edit

Engineer Edit

Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Starships of the Galaxy

Prerequisites: Educated, Trained in Knowledge (Technology)

You are Trained in the Mechanics skill. Additionally, when installing new systems into a Vehicle, the efficiency of your designs reduces the time it takes to install the system by 25%.

Influential Friends Edit

Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Force Unleashed Campaign Guide

Prerequisite: Connections

You have Influential Contacts within a certain organization, planet, or region who can provide concrete information to you on certain subjects. Once per day, you can have one of these contacts make a Skill Check on your behalf. The contact always Takes 20 on the Skill Check (Even if the Skill would normally not allow Taking 20) and has a Skill modifier equal to 5 + one-half your Heroic Level. Contacting your Influential Contacts and receiving the benefit of the Skill Check takes a number of minutes equal to 10 x the Skill Check result.

Powerful Friends Edit

Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Force Unleashed Campaign Guide

Prerequisite: Connections, Influential Friends

You have a powerful contact who has an extended sphere of influence. The contact could be an Imperial Senator, a high-level military officer, a regional governor, an infamous crime lord, or another person of similar significance. Once per encounter, you can invoke the name or office of your powerful contact and Take 20 on one Persuasion check, with no increase in the time needed to make the check.

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