The Lightsaber, simple in design yet difficult to wield and master, features a handgrip hilt that projects a blade of pure energy. The traditional weapon of the Jedi, the Lightsaber stands as a symbol of their skill, dedication, and authority.

The blade of a Lightsaber is generated by an Energy Cell and focused through crystals within the hilt. The saber can cut through most materials (Except another Lightsaber blade, an energy Shield, or a few exotic materials), given enough time. Because only the handgrip has any weight, unskilled users have difficulty judging the position of the blade. The Lightsaber's true potential becomes apparent in the hands of a fully trained Jedi, who can defend and attack with the weapon, deflecting shots or striking opponents with the glowing blade.

A Lightsaber requires a special Energy Cell to operate (The cost is ten times the price of an ordinary Energy Cell, but it lasts almost indefinitely).

Weapon Type: Lightsabers

Size: Medium

Cost: 3000

Damage: 2d8

Weight: 1 Kilogram

Type: Energy and Slashing

Availability: Rare

Special: Can be Thrown

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