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The Star Wars Roleplaying Game includes many hostile environments, ranging from deep oceans to poisonous atmospheres to the vacuum of space. These devices enable creatures to function in such environments.

Saga Edition Core Rulebook
Aquata Breather 350 0.2 kg
Breath Mask 200 2 kg
Flight Suit 1000 3 kg
Space Suit 2000 15 kg
Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide
Vacuum Mask 650 0.3 kg
Jedi Academy Training Manual
Celegian Life-Support Chamber 6000 50 kg
Rebellion Era Campaign Guide
Propulsion Pack 200 10 kg
Unknown Regions
Emergency Vacuum Seal 750 0.9 kg
Shipsuit 200 1 kg
Homebrew Content - Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook
Depth Suit 1200 6 kg
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