Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Threats of the Galaxy

Equipment Type: Computers and Storage Devices

Cost: See Below

Weight: 1 Kilogram

A small electronic device used to bypass low-grade security systems, a Lectroticker consists of several small wires connected to a sense-plate. When the sense-plate is inserted into a standard security lock (Such as those found on doors throughout the galaxy), the sense-plate is charged with varying amounts of energy, scrambling the signals sent to the electronic lock, and fooling it's systems into thinking that the correct access card has been provided. A Lectroticker can be activated as a Swift Action, after which it makes a single Mechanics check (With a bonus of +2 or higher, determined by it's cost and quality) to disable an electric lock. All Lectrotickers are considered Illegal.

The quality of a Lectroticker is reflected in it's cost, as every +2 bonus to Mechanics checks increases the cost of a Lectroticker by 1500 credits, as the table below indicates:


+2 1500
+4 3000
+6 4500
+8 6000
etc... etc...
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