Homebrew Reference Book: Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook - Vehicles and Vessels

Starship Systems Type: Weapon Systems

Damage: 2d10x2

Emplacement Points: 3

Availability: Licensed

Cost: 8000

Laser Panel Arrays house hundreds of tiny, rapid-moving short range laser beams that swivel so fast the entire panel appears to emit a uniform glow. This technology allows the digger to vaporize rock and metal at a superior rate to beam-drills, and with far greater precision than blasting can offer.

In order to dig, the Laser Panel Array must first move into the same square as its target, in the case of Vehicles of Large or greater size, only the first row of squares moves into the same square as its target. Each round, the Laser Panel Array rolls an attack against the wall or similar barrier it is drilling through (See Object Statistics for information on various barriers and materials).

The Laser Panel Array deals 2d10x2 damage per attack, until the barrier is destroyed. In cases where the barrier is more than 1-square thick, 1.5 meters worth of the substance is vaporized. Upon destruction, an opening is created that is the same number of squares wide as the Vehicle the panels are mounted on, and 2-squares tall.

The damage output for the Laser Panel Array can be increased in 1d10 increments at the cost of 3,000 credits per additional die of damage (To a maximum of 6d10x2).

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