Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Scavenger's Guide to Droids

Droid System Type: Droid Accessories (Droid Armor)

Cost: 20000 x Cost Factor

Weight: (15 x Cost Factor) Kilograms

Availability: Military, Rare

Made from an exclusive Laminanium alloy developed by Tendrando Arms, Laminanium Plating is primarily for use on its YVH-Series Droids. The unique properties of the self- repairing Qellan metal enable it to spontaneously melt and reform to seal damaged areas, even at standard room temperature. The Armor is more durable than other types of Droid Armor, and it is less vulnerable to corrosive Acids and similar environmental Hazards. Laminanium's strict production standards and material costs limit its use, although it occasionally appears on other Tendrando Arms products. A Droid equipped with Laminanium Heavy Plating gains a +2 Equipment bonus to it's Fortitude Defense.

Droid Armor Type: Heavy Armor

Bonus to Reflex Defense: +12

Maximum Dexterity Bonus: +2

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