The Krath specialize in experimenting with the Dark Side and Sith sorcery. You must be a member of The Krath Force Tradition to select any of the Talents described here.

Dark Side Manipulation Edit

Your Sith sorcery experimentation has provided you with a method of manipulating the Dark Side. Once per encounter, when using a Force Point in an act that would increase your Dark Side Score, you may treat the Force Point as if you had rolled the maximum on the die.

Krath Illusions Edit

Prerequisite: Illusion

As a Swift Action, you can reduce the penalty for large Illusions by one half (Rounded down, minimum -1).

Krath Intuition Edit

You have a natural ability to use Dark Side artifacts, such as Sith Talismans and alchemical items. Once per encounter, you may spend a Force Point to treat the damage from a Sith Alchemical Weapon as though you had rolled the maximum damage on the dice.

Krath Surge Edit

Once per encounter, using rudimentary Sith sorcery, you channel Dark Side energy in a manner that boosts one use of a Force Power. As a Swift Action, you can add 1 die of damage (If the Force Power deals damage) or extend the range of the Force Power by 6 squares (If it has a range beyond yourself or a single target). Using this Talent automatically adds the [Dark Side] descriptor to the Force Power used.

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