Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Legacy Era Campaign Guide

You are a skilled master of The Force who knows how to get the most out of your Armor.

Armored Augmentation I Edit

Prerequisite: Armor Proficiency with Armor worn

Once per encounter, you may spend a Force Point as a Swift Action to augment your own ability to withstand damage by imbuing the Armor you are wearing with The Force. This allows you to add your Armor bonus to your Reflex Defense to your Damage Threshold until the end of the encounter.

Armored Augmentation II Edit

Prerequisites: Armor Proficiency with Armor worn, Armored Augmentation I Talent

Whenever you use the Armored Augmentation I Talent, you also gain Damage Reduction equal to 2 x your Armor's Equipment bonus to your Fortitude Defense.

Armor Mastery Edit

Prerequisite: Armor Proficiency with Armor worn

When calculating your Reflex Defense, you may add your Heroic Level plus one-half your Armor bonus (Rounded down), or your Armor bonus alone, whichever is higher. This Talent counts as both the Armored Defense Talent and the Improved Armor Defense Talent for the purposes of prerequisites.

Cortosis Defense Edit

You are adept at using a Cortosis Gauntlet to parry Lightsaber attacks. You gain a +2 bonus when making an opposed Unarmed melee attack roll against a Lightsaber attack.

Cortosis Retaliation Edit

Prerequisite: Cortosis Defense Talent

Whenever you successfully use a Cortosis Gauntlet to parry an attack made with a Lightsaber, you may make an immediate Attack of Opportunity against the attacker.

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