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Affiliations: The Rebel Alliance, The Jedi, Hera Syndulla

Kanan Jarrus, born Caleb Dume, is a Force-sensitive Jedi survivor of Order 66. Living on thanks to the sacrifice of his Master, Depa Billaba, on Kaller, he met the smuggler Janus Kasmir, who taught him how to survive as a fugitive. Going into hiding, he forsakes the Jedi ways for some time, swapping his Lightsaber for a blaster to conceal his identity.

After working with the Twi'lek rebel operative Hera Syndulla during the Gorse Conflict, Jarrus is inspired to join her nascent rebel cell. Now, he helps to topple the Empire, while simultaneously training his new apprentice, Ezra Bridger.

 Kanan Jarrus Statistics (CL 6) Edit

Medium Human Jedi 4/Scoundrel 2

Force Points: 8

Initiative: +9; Senses: Perception +5

Languages: Basic, Binary, Huttese

Defenses Edit

Reflex Defense: 20 (Flat-Footed: 19), Fortitude Defense: 19, Will Defense: 19; Deflect

Hit Points: 72, Damage Threshold: 19

Offense Edit

Speed: 6 Squares; Running Attack

Melee: Unarmed +7 (1d6+6)

Melee: Lightsaber +9 (2d8+7)

Ranged: Heavy Blaster Pistol +6 (3d8+3)

Base Attack Bonus: +5, Grab: +7

Attack Options: Point-Blank Shot

Special Actions: Redirect Shot

Force Power Suite (Use the Force +14): Force Slam, Mind Trick, Move Object (2), Surge (2)

Base Stats Edit

Abilities: Strength 14, Dexterity 12, Constitution 15, Intelligence 12, Wisdom 14, Charisma 13

Talents: Deflect, Redirect Shot, Spacehound

Feats: Force Sensitivity, Force Training (2), Martial Arts I, Point-Blank Shot, Running Attack, Skill Focus (Use the Force), Weapon Focus (Lightsabers), Weapon Proficiency (Lightsabers), Weapon Proficiency (Pistols), Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons)

Skills: Acrobatics +9, Persuasion +9, Pilot +9, Use the Force +14

Possessions: Blaster Pistol, Combat Gloves, Lightsaber (Componentization (Basic)), Comlink (Short-Range), Holocron

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