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Kamino was an aquatic planet located in an extragalactic star system straggled south of the Rishi Maze. It is inhabited by the Kaminoans- a tall, elegant Species regarded as mysterious and secluded. They are known for their cloning technology which ultimately leads to the creation of a clone army for The Galactic Republic.

 Kamino Statistics[edit | edit source]

Region: Wild Space

Climate: Temperate

Gravity: Standard

Moons: 3

Length of Day: 27 Standard Hours

Length of Year: 463 Local Days

Sapient Species: 98% Kaminoan (Native), 1% Republic Clone, 1% Other Species

Government: Ruling Council

Capital: Tipoca City

Major Exports: Clones, Fish, Military Hardware, Technology, Weapons

Major Imports: Droids, Foodstuffs

Knowledge (Galactic Lore)
15 Kamino is one of thirteen planets in the Kamino System, which is situated near the dwarf galaxy known as the Rishi Maze.
20 Because it has no surface geography, Kamino is subject to powerful storms that rage continuously across its watery landscape.
25 Clime changes in Kamino's distant past submerged the surface of the world, and water now covers 100% of the planet's surface.
Knowledge (Life Sciences)
15 The Kaminoans are regarded as isolationist cloners who rarely interact with others unless it is to conduct business.
20 Kaminoans appear to be nearly identical to one another. This is due to their existing methods of selective breeding and cloning in order to ensure the survival of their Species.
25 The soldiers of the newly formed Grand Army of the Republic are clones that were created and trained on Kamino.

Kamino and the Outer Rim Worlds[edit | edit source]

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Kamino is a stormy world long and far removed from galactic affairs (And for that matter, public record), unknown to the vast majority of Republic citizenry. A remote world even by Outer Rim standards, Kamino is actually considered part of Wild Space, and therefore beyond the recognized jurisdiction of Republic (And later Imperial) law. Located within a dwarf satellite galaxy in a close and decaying orbit about Republic boundaries, Kamino is some 12 parsecs beyond the Rishi Maze, and is the fifth of thirteen worlds circling an aging star.

Unforgiving and covered by one massive, churning ocean, Kamino isn't on any major (Or even minor) trade route and receives very few visitors. This isolation is furthered by the removal of all Kamino records from various astronavigation databases, the Jedi's files among them. The limited traffic that does pass through the system consists primarily of craft that transport supplies and trade goods for the native Kaminoans' sustenance or that are engaged in some form of business with the Kamino inhabitants. The other twelve worlds in the system are largely unexplored, and only one of Kamino's moons (Korasa, the smallest) was ever explored. Facilities abandoned there centuries ago still stand, nearly buried in the snow dunes of the moon's southern hemisphere.

The Kaminoans inhabit hermetically sealed, domed cities that stand atop massive stilts and anchor-columns driven deep into the seabed. These cities are a combination of Kaminoan ingenuity and some of the best off-world architecture available and afford the amphibious Kaminoans a comfortable life even in such a non-hostile environment. The cities vary in size, layout, and specifics, but all feature sloped dome roofs that shed the almost-constant rains. Lightning rods harness and divert the energies of the ferocious storms that continually lash the Kamino skies.

Numerous creatures swim the Kamino seas; some evolved on the planet, while others are descended from cloned off-world stock. Though almost completely unexplored, the submerged Kamino ruins are an archeological treasure awaiting the intrepid.

History[edit | edit source]

Kamino's political and societal histories both have been defined by two major factors: the "Great Flood" that drove them from their ages-old lifestyle into their current stilt-cities above the sea, and their primary industry- cloning.

Kamino wasn't always a world covered by unending seas. Centuries before the Kaminoans developed their highly regarded cloning technology, Kamino was a largely terrestrial world with massive inland glaciers and polar caps estimated to have contained upward of seventy percent of the planet's total water. Most Kaminoans lived in cities concentrated along the coastal areas. The planet's factories and industries matched the high technology levels of Republic worlds, though the Kaminoan domiciles were earthen homes built in accord with the world's predictable tidal schedules, providing the balance of moisture and dry environs to which the Species was adapted. Over the course of less than two centuries, Kamino exited its ice age, and the glaciers melted at such a rapid pace that the Kaminoans scarcely survived the upheaval the loss of their territories brought.

Directed by the colony leaders, various groups of the Kaminoan citizenry were dispatched to various points high on Kamino's topography. There, the Kaminoan expatriates established colonies intended to expand into new, full-fledged cities that would stay above the projected level of Kamino's increasingly voluminous oceans. The colonies ultimately failed, of course; the Kaminoans were constantly forced to build structures and cities that soared above even the highest equatorial peaks. As the seas rose, the atmosphere roiled into a vicious maelstrom, and life on Kamino changed forever. Using repulsorlift Construction Droids and gravitonic construction, the new land-based colonies were ultimately converted to the stilt cities that now dot the roiling surface of Kamino. The Kaminoans have lived in their sealed stilt-cities ever since.

The Kaminoans turned to genetic sciences to facilitate their existence on a world now hostile to them, forming new industries to allow for their survival in not only physical terms, but fiscal as well. As part of those scientific pursuits, their greatest project, cloning, has been perfected over many centuries. The cloning industry is now their primary source of revenue. However, without many of the mineral resources and other material that their previous terrestrial existence provided, the Kaminoans are no longer self-sufficient and trade their various advanced technologies for raw materials. In addition to the world's primary trading partner- Rothana- Sullust and Iotra also provide raw materials through various (Unpublished) means.

Kamino's position in galactic history was forged fairly recently, but in such terms that it will long remain a key point in the annals of galactic lore. Though some details still remain clouded, it is generally acknowledged that some ten years prior to the Battle of Geonosis, the Kaminoans were contracted by Darth Tyrannus (Under the guise of Jedi Knight Sifo-Dyas) to create an army of clones for use by the Republic. When Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi tracked an assassination attempt on Senator Amidala of Naboo to Kamino, the clone army-in-progress was discovered, and since those events and the onset of the Clone Wars, Kamino has played a largely unseen but key role in galactic affairs. Under the stewardship of Prime Minister Lama Su, the Kaminoans issued their first armies of Clone Troopers based on the genetic template of the bounty hunter Jango Fett. The initial delivery of 200,000 clones was to be followed by millions more.

Scant months after the first delivery of clone troops to the Republic, Kamino was attacked by Confederacy forces intent on crippling the Tipoca City cloning facilities. Lead by General Kenobi and acting on information provided by Jedi Quinlan Vos and Aayla Secura, the Jedi defended the world under the stratagem of Jedi Master Rancisis. Though there was extensive damage to the facilities and many of the clones in progress were destroyed, the Jedi teams were ultimately able to defeat the invading forces.

People[edit | edit source]

A report filed by respected sentientologist Tem Eliss during his undergraduate studies indicated that "A discussion of Kamino's people basically amounts to a treatise on the Kaminoan Species." With very little outside influence, only the occasional visitors, and no permanent alien population, Kamino possesses one of the most homogenous societies in the galaxy among those with space-level technology.

Aloof but outwardly polite, Kaminoans are genetically bred to fill various niches. (Those who know of the Kaminoans hold the Species' scientific prowess in high regard- particularly their cloning skills- but not all Kaminoans are engaged in the cloning industry.) They are a resilient people by design as well as by nature, and they harbor a certain intolerance of physical imperfection. In the homogenous society they've developed, this intolerance is typically directed only toward off-worlders and the occasional errant result of a genetic project.

The Kaminoans are descended from amphibious denizens of various marsh areas around the world. From the earliest times, the community as a whole was a focal point of life, and most members were trained for specific tasks. With the development of their genetic technology, the Kaminoans have taken those mores to an extreme degree, breeding specific beings for specific roles in society. Though all are created from nearly identical genetic stock, some variation exists, just as children typically fall within a set of genetic parameters and are not exact duplicates of their parents.

Kaminoans distrust outsiders and deal with them only in business terms- either selling their services or acquiring ores, foodstuffs, and necessary wares. They typically do not socialize with other Species and are almost never seen off-world. The majority of the Kaminoans' contact with the Republic and other areas of the galaxy consists primarily of secretive weapons contracts, one-off requests, and specialized production of cloned beings or creatures. Many of the cloned beings the Kaminoans develop under contract are used for private security forces or task-specific laborers (Such as the cloned mining corps on Subterrel).

Locations[edit | edit source]

Kamino has a number of interesting locations for heroes to visit, including those described below.

Tipoca City[edit | edit source]

Home to Kamino's largest and most prestigious cloning and training facilities, Tipoca City is the world's capital and its hub for production of off-world orders. The city consists of a network of stilt structures that spans more than a hundred kilometers along Kamino's western equator and is considered by most to be the heart of Kaminoan society. The millions of Kaminoans who occupy Tipoca City at any given time work either with the cloning programs or with the bureaucracy (Or both), but they do not take residence there, nor is there any public space. Nearly all Kaminoans who work in Tipoca City live in the numerous satellite cities situated about the capital. Constant traffic runs to and from Tipoca City, as workers, bureaucrats, and others travel to and from their homes. Tipoca City is a continuous operation, open 27 hours a day, 463 days a year. The only living quarters in the city proper are those of the prime minister and the military staff, and a cluster of apartments for the cloning scientists. The scientists residue in the city in alternating shifts of approximately three months each before returning to their homes and families.

Aside from its bureaucratic and clone manufacturing functions, Tipoca City also serves as the seat of both Kamino Space Control and the Kamino Planetary Defense forces. The Space Control facilities regulate incoming traffic (Both intra-colony and interstellar) and direct landings to the various platforms about the cities. Most of Space Control's data come from the huge, high-performance communication towers that dominate much of the Tipoca City skyline. The Planetary Defense forces are coordinated from Tipoca City as well, largely due to the cloning facilities' importance to the world. Defense substations exist throughout Tipoca City and the other colonies. And like other Kaminoan cities, Tipoca City relies on passive measures (In the form of energy shielding) and more "Proactive" Turbolaser Emplacements. Because the defensive shields provide no protection against troop invasions or incoming craft, the KPD also retains emergency jurisdiction over the thousands of bred-for-combat Kaminoan troopers who reside in the barracks.

Kamino's urban architecture is one of the few instances of off-world influence- and one of the most marked, given the prominence of cities in Kaminoan society. The two primary influences used in designing Tipoca City and other Kaminoan cities came from Alderaan and Kashyyyk, two worlds well-regarded for integrating architecture into their respective environments. The base concept for the stilit-cities was derived from the Alderaanian Oversea style, a form of city construction used on the pacifist world wherein cities were built on stilts in the shallow saline seas.

The advent of Kamino's post-ice age meteorological patterns also posed a serious challenge to the Kaminoans. Middle-period Krorral- best known in the form of the Gkrur Clan compounds on Kashyyyk and the Alaris colonies- was adopted in the form of the sweeping and centralized dome structures evident in the design of nearly all of Kamino's urban centers. An additional appeal of the Krorral elements was that the rain-sloughing nature of the architecture bore numerous similarities to the Kaminoans' land colonies; the original communal dwellings, constructed of reinforced wattle and daub, shed water very well during the lond storm seasons.

During the Battle of Kamino (Two months after the Battle of Geonosis), Tipoca City was the prime target of Separatist forces intent on destroying the Republic's army and the Kaminoans' capacity to produce additional Clone Troopers. Though the cloning facilities were nearly lost, Republic forces were eventually able to repel the attackers.

Military Education Complex[edit | edit source]

The Military Education Complex in Tipoca City is the largest such training center on Kamino and dominates much of Tipoca City. During the development of the Republic's clone army, the facility was dedicated solely to that single endeavor. At other times, the Complex addresses various orders and projects.

The Complex accommodates every aspect of the training necessary for the various clone orders the Kaminoans fill, be they for miners destined for Subterrel or Clone Troopers bound for Republic battlegrounds. The highly adaptable and reconfigurable Complex maintains facilities for troop combat and conditioning exercises, marching drills, and various combat rigors. Learning rooms occupy much of the sublevels, along with sleeping quarters, dining halls, and other support facilities. During the Republic army cloning project, certain areas were kept from plain view and restricted to key personnel only (Among them the ARC Trooper training center).

One of the key facilities within the Complex is the variant atmosphere battle simulator (Typically referred to as VABS). These simulated battlefields are artificial landscapes that span kilometerwide rooms located in the base of many Kamino city-domes. A VABS can simulate anything from snowblown mountain ranges to scorching desert plateaus and even volcanic badlands (The latter at an increased cost to the client, naturally). The advanced atmospheric systems can replicate virtually any climate and weather condition, and repulsorlifted floor plates can be shifted to produce a variety of topographical and geological features. These features provide the Kaminoans with a bevy of environmental options in which to conduct realistic simulations for their projects.

As is the case in other cities on Kamino, the Complex in Tipoca City is patrolled by Observation Ships staffed by Kaminoan scientists. The scientists are quick to respond to any potentially problematic development; any marginally dangerous situations are tended to by KE-8 Enforcer Crafts.

Malio Preserve Units[edit | edit source]

No matter how good the template and no matter how good the clone, it was a matter of old-fashioned Kaminoan foresight that the Malio Preserve Units were established. The Units maintain various alpha, beta, secondary, and tertiary templates of just about every being and creature the Kaminoans have ever cloned or bred (Including the various Clone Trooper versions made for the Republic, Aiwhas, Svaper variants, and several biological agents). The Preserve Units also hold samples or more exotic creatures and organisms the Kaminoans have yet to successfully clone, such as Roon Mudmen, sentient Filar-Nitzan, or the mysterious snake-staffs of the Far Outsiders. All these samples will eventually be cloned or studied further as Kaminoan genetic technology continues to advance.

The Preserve Units occupy a trio of peripheral platforms on Tipoca City, ones that can easily be isolated from the rest of the city in the event of a breakout or other undesirable activity. Though each unit is internally isolated from another, the Kaminoans take every precaution- especially given the damage that some of the more vicious samples are capable of inflicting not only on other samples, but also on the Kaminoans themselves.

Derem City Ruins[edit | edit source]


In the centuries before the Kamino ice caps melted and the world was transformed into one raging sea, Derem City was the most prominent metropolis. The former capital is now under more than three kilometers of water, but that depth makes it one of the most accessible "Old Cities"- the former terrestrial sprawls that now lay flooded on the new ocean floor.

In its heyday, Derem City wa an excellent example of Kaminoan urban planning, a city that combined the centuries of development with a well-conceived and well-executed centralized design. The massive sunspires that dominated the skyline now serve as anchors for the razoral reefs that protect several species of creatures from the larger Sounders and other predators. The highly efficient transit tubes- bored from ancient glascretia bedrock- are now underwater labyrinths, home to vicious predators but ripe for the adventurous xenoarchaeologist.

The ruins are occasionally visited by Kaminoan pilgrims. These pilgrimages are somewhat contradictory to the otherwise "Sensible" disposition of most Kaminoans, but some take the pilgrimages very seriously, as though the submerged cities offer them some solace and remind them of a different- perhaps better?- existence, one where they were allowed to follow a chosen path instead of being bred for a specific purpose.

Adventure Hooks[edit | edit source]

The adventure hooks described below are intended for use by Gamemasters only. If you are a player, stop reading now.

Deep Research- Part II[edit | edit source]

See also: Archaeological Campaigns, Deep Research- Part I

Coming from Ossus, the heroes must access Derem City and ward off the dangerous creatures that have taken residence in the former capital. There, deep within the glascretia warrens, are not just relics but tomes of preserved Jedi lore, including a beautiful ser-crystal Holocron, into which ancient Jedi Master Qalsneek the Bull (Of Dellalt) imparted his knowledge to future generations.

Be they Jedi or xenoarchaeologists, this discovery is likely the greatest of the heroes' careers, which makes it all the more frustrating when a posse of Quarren tomb raiders appears, intent on taking the Holocron.

Not Suitable For Cloning[edit | edit source]

One of the more exotic specimens in the Malio Preserve Units is an odd snafelike staff known to have come from "The Far Outsiders"- a mysterious extragalactic Species better known as the Yuuzhan Vong. And when the aggressive invaders learn that one of their Amphistaffs has fallen into the hands of the Kaminoans, they're determined to recover the organic weapon before it can be examined in detail, much less cloned.

Through a third party, the Yuuzhan Vong hire the heroes to retrieve the Amphistaff from the stormy world, claiming it to be an ancient Sith weapon with terrible Dark Side potential. Of course, the Kaminoans are reluctant to let the heroes into the dangerous Malio Preserve Units, and even more unwilling to relinquish such a fascinating sample. The matter might even arouse the interest of Kina Ha, a rogue Force-using Kaminoan who seeks to protect her homeworld from an incursion by The Dark Side she saw in a vision.

This adventure hook can be used in any Era of Play, though in The New Jedi Order Era, the heroes might recognize the true nature of the "Sith Weapon."

What Lies Beneath[edit | edit source]

Numerous creatures- both useful and dangerous- live in the Kamino seas. A few are detailed below.

Rollerfish CL 3 Image Unavailable
Saberjowl CL 9
Spike-Finned Sounder CL 2
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