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K-Wing Assault Starfighter

The Koensayr Manufacturing BTL-S8 K-Wing is an Assault Starfighter introduced as part of the the New Republic Defense Fleet. These ships are designed to serve as bombers and heaver Starfighters, roles previously filled by increasingly aged Y-Wings. The K-Wings serve well during the Black Fleet Crisis, though their crew complement of four eventually causes them to become less popular as The New Republic continues to have major crises (Making it difficult to train enough bombardiers and Gunners for the whole K-Wing fleet). Though still in use for decades after their deployment, they are much less common after the Yuuzhan Vong War.

Capabilities Edit

The prototypes and first production wave have no built-in weaponry; they carry whatever armament is appropriate to an individual mission. A typical load is given in the statistics block. Any normal missile or mine payload (Or Weapon System designed for a Starfighter, with an Emplacement Point cost no higher than 0), can replace any of the given missile payload choices with a DC 10 Mechanics check and 5 minutes of work.

A second generation of K-Wing designs added two turrets and reconfigured the cockpit to increase the bombadier's field of vision. The Quad Laser Cannon in the forward turret was augmented to be a multistage laser and thus is often called a Turbolaser, although it remains a Starfighter class weapon, not a Capital Ship Turbolaser.

K-Wings have no Hyperdrive, and thus must be carried to striking distance of each battle. They do have a SLAM System, allowing them to move quickly into attack positions once they are deployed. In case of emergency, the cockpit of a K-Wing can detach and act as an Escape Pod.

 K-Wing Assault Starfighter Statistics (CL 12) Edit

Gargantuan Starfighter

Initiative: +6; Senses: Perception +6

Defense Edit

Reflex Defense: 18 (Flat-Footed 13), Fortitude Defense: 28; +8 Armor, Vehicular Combat

Hit Points: 160; Damage Reduction: 10; Shield Rating: 30; Damage Threshold: 48

Offense Edit

Speed: Fly 16 Squares (Character Scale), Fly 4 Squares (Starship Scale); (Maximum Velocity 1000 km/h)

Ranged: Laser Cannons +7 (See Below)

Ranged: Laser Cannons, Quad +7 (See Below)

Ranged: Medium Concussion Missiles +7 (See Below)

Ranged: Proton Torpedoes +7 (See Below)

Ranged: Shieldbuster Torpedoes +7 (See Below)

Fighting Space: 4x4 Squares (Character Scale), 1 Square (Starship Scale); Total Cover

Base Attack Bonus: +2; Grapple: +35

Attack Options: Autofire (Laser Cannons; Laser Cannons, Quad)

Abilities Edit

Strength: 46, Dexterity: 20, Constitution: -, Intelligence: 20

Skills: Initiative +6, Mechanics +6, Perception +6, Pilot +6, Use Computer +6

Ship Statistics Edit

Crew: 4 (Skilled Crew Quality); Passengers: None

Cargo: 440 Kilograms; Consumables: 1 Day; Carried Craft: None

Payload: 18 Proton Torpedoes, 4 Medium Concussion Missiles, 6 Shieldbuster Torpedoes

Availability: Military; Cost: 250,000 (120,000 Used)

Weapon Systems Edit

Laser Cannons (Gunner) Edit

Attack Bonus: +7 (+2 Autofire), Damage: 4d10x2

Laser Cannons, Quad (Gunner) Edit

Attack Bonus: +7 (+2 Autofire), Damage: 6d10x2

Medium Concussion Missiles (Gunner) Edit

Attack Bonus: +7, Damage: 8d10x2, 4-Square Splash

Proton Torpedoes (Gunner) Edit

Attack Bonus: +7, Damage: 9d10x2, 4-Square Splash

Shieldbuster Torpedoes (Gunner) Edit

Attack Bonus: +7, Damage: 8d10x2, 4-Square Splash

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