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The Stormtrooper squad known as Joker Squad is a perfect example of one of the biggest changes to the Empire in The Legacy Era. In the past, many Stormtroopers were clones, indoctrinated trainees, and poorly trained recruits who were treated as faceless, expendable troops. Joker Squad represents a new breed of Stormtrooper. With the Stormtroopers who fought in the Clone Wars long dead and total brainwashing less common as an Imperial practice, the Stormtroopers of the new Empire are recruited for their desire to help impose order and protect Imperial citizens from lawlessness. Joker Squad (And other Stormtrooper squads just like it) consists of highly competent individuals who are more creative and have more personality than the Stormtroopers of the past.

This increase in individuality among Stormtroopers has not dulled their zeal for the Empire, nor has it changed the fact that Stormtroopers are uncompromising agents of the Empire's will. Squads such as Joker Squad allow their members to develop bonds with one another, encouraging teamwork and personal leadership, in the hopes of creating troops that are barely more than automatrons. These unique squads also tend to allow specialization within their ranks; where in the past a squad of Stormtroopers was more like a homogenous units with all the same skills, Joker Squad and similar Stormtrooper groups include Heavy Weapons specialists, engineers, demolitionist experts, and stealth experts among their ranks. Though all the Stormtroopers receive basic training in these areas, having a specialist within the squad means that the squad can be used for a wider variety of missions.

Joker Squad Heroic Units Edit

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Hondo Karr CL 10 A Mandalorian who is conscripted into Joker Squad, Hondo would later kill his commanding Sith Lord after their tactics lead to the deaths of his squadmates.

Joker Squad Nonheroic Units Edit

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Joker Squad Stormtrooper CL 3 A member of the elite Joker Squad, under the command of Ran "Hardcase" Harkas.
Joker Squad Demolitionist CL 3 A member of the elite Joker Squad, trained in the use of Explosives.
Joker Squad Heavy Weapons Specialist CL 3 A member of the elite Joker Squad, trained in the use of Heavy Weapons.
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