Equipment Type: Survival Gear

Cost: 300

Weight: 30 Kilograms

A Jet Pack is a propulsion system that a character can strap on, allowing flight over short distances. Arm and wrist controls are employed for maneuvering. Activating a Jet Pack is a Swift Action, and you gain a fly speed of 6 squares until the end of your turn. A Jet Pack has 10 charges and can be run continuously; no Swift Action is required to activate the Jet Pack on subsequent rounds of use.

Routine maneuvers do not require a Pilot check, but you must make a DC 20 Pilot check if you land after moving more than 12 squares during the same turn; on a failure you fall Prone.

A Jet Pack can lift up to 180 kg while flying. Replacement fuel cells cost 100 credits.

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