The Jensaarai walk a thin line between light and darkness, using the teachings of both the Jedi and the Sith to create their own unique traditions. Only Force-users that are part of the Jensaarai Tradition may select Talents from this tree.

Attune Armor Edit

As a Full-Round Action, you may spend a Force Point to attune a suit of armor to The Force, permanently increasing it's armor bonus by +2. In addition, the maximum Dexterity bonus of the attuned armor permanently improves by +1. Only you can benefit from wearing the attuned armor; the benefits do not apply if someone else dons the armor.

Force Cloak Edit

As a Swift Action, you can surround yourself with an invisible bubble of Force power that shields you and anything you're carrying from electronic surveillance. The bubble also blocks all electronic sensors and communications. The Force Cloak lasts for as long as you concentrate (A Standard Action) or until the start of your next turn.

Force Cloak Mastery Edit

Prerequisite: Force Cloak

As the Force Cloak Talent, except you can expand the bubble to envelop a number of creatures (Including yourself) equal to your character level.

Linked Defense Edit

As a Swift Action, you can take a penalty of up to -5 on your attack roll and add the same number (Up to +5) as a Force bonus to an ally's Reflex Defense, provided the ally is within your line of sight when you activate this talent. The bonus you confer cannot exceed your Base Attack Bonus. The changes to your attack rolls and your ally's Reflex Defense last until the start of your next turn.

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