Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Jedi Academy Training Manual

You are one of the Jedi Order's most trusted investigators, tasked with ferreting out truth through a combination of detective work and Force Divination.

Echoes of the Force Edit

Prerequisite: Farseeing

You can use the Farseeing Force Power on a location instead of on an individual creature, peering into the location's past to view events that occurred there. Unlike the normal use of the Farseeing Force Power, you are actually looking into the location's past (At a time you designate), and you must be standing in the location being viewed. The target DC for your Use the Force check is 20, +1 for each day into the past that you are attempt to scry. When you look into the past, you need only specify a time in a number of days, as you can sense tremors in The Force that focus you visions on meaningful events that day.

Jedi Quarry Edit

As a Swift Action, you can designate a single target creature as the focus of your attentions. You gain a +2 bonus to your Speed any time you spend a Move Action to Move, provided that you end your movement adjacent to the target. You retain this bonus (And may not use this Talent again) until your target surrenders, is reduced to 0 Hit Points, moves to the bottom of the Condition Track, or until the encounter ends.

Prepared for Danger Edit

Prerequisite: Farseeing

Whenever you have at least one unspent Farseeing Force Power in your Force Power Suite, you can spend that Farseeing Force Power to regain any one other Force Power as a Swift Action.

Sense Deception Edit

Whenever someone makes a Deception or Persuasion Skill Check against your Will Defense, you can make a Use the Force check, replacing your Will Defense with the result of your Use the Force check if it is higher.

Unclouded Judgement Edit

Prerequisite: Sense Deception

Whenever you are the target of a Mind-Affecting Force Power or Force Talent, you can spend a Force Point as a Reaction to negate the effects of that Force Power or Force Talent (No Skill Check required).

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