Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Starships of the Galaxy

Starship Systems Type: Defense Systems

Emplacement Points: 5

Availability: Common

Size Restriction: Colossal or Larger

Cost: 20000 (Base)

Jammers come in many forms, from small Jamming Suites used in Starfighters and Space Transports to massive Jamming Arrays carried by some Capital Ships. Not all Jammers are effective enough to alter game statistics- the Jamming Suite in an ARC-170 Starfighter, for example, has too small an effect on other ships to modify game statistics in any way.

A Jamming system is capable of blinding enemy sensors and fire-control computers, making the Starship carrying the Jammer a more elusive target. A Jamming Array affects all enemy Starships within 6 squares (Starship Scale) of the Starship carrying it, regardless of the size of those ships.

A ship affected by a Jammer takes penalties on Use Computer checks made to Use Communications or Use Sensors. For a Jamming Array, the penalty is -6 for Starfighters, -4 for Space Transports, and -2 for Capital Ships. This penalty also applies to enemy fire control systems, although it cannot reduce a ship's Intelligence ability modifier on attack rolls below +0.

A System Operator can attempt to overcome the effect of a Jammer. Doing this is a Swift Action and involves a Use Computer check (With the Jammer penalty) opposed by the Use Computer check of the ship with the Jammer. On a successful result, the Jammed ship takes no penalties from Jamming until the start of the system operator's next turn.

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