Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

The Jal Shey concentrate on studying The Force, improving their diplomacy, and applying their teachings to their trappings. You must be a member of The Jal Shey Force Tradition to select any of these Talents.

Action Exchange Edit

Prerequisite: Force Delay Talent

Whenever you successfully use Force Delay, you can grant one ally within 6 squares, and line of sight the ability to trade a Move Action for another Standard Action on their next turn.

Force Delay Edit

Prerequisite: Trained in Persuasion

Jal Shey verbally startle opponents with a little help from The Force. Once per encounter, you can make a Persuasion check against the Will Defense of a target with an Intelligence score of 3 or higher, that can understand you, as a Reaction. If successful, the target loses it's Move Action on it's next turn. If you choose to spend a Force Point, the target instead loses it's Standard Action.

Imbue Item Edit

You can spend a Force Point to imbue a specifically crafted weapon, armor, or article of clothing with the power of The Force. Imbuing the item requires a Full-Round Action. As a Full-Round Action, the wearer of such an item can open themselves to The Force, transferring one of their Force Points into the item. You can then use a Swift Action to spend a stored Force Point at any later time, even n the same round that you spend a Force Point of your own. You can attune only one item per 24 hours, the item functions only for you, and a given item can only store one Force Point at a time. You cannot wear more than one attuned item at a time, and you can spend only up to a maximum of two Force Points in a round (One of your own, plus one from an imbued item).

Knowledge of The Force Edit

You can use your scholarly knowledge of The Force to help others reach their full potential. You can spend a Force Point as a Reaction to Aid Another ally within 6 squares on a Use the Force check, following the normal rules for the Aid Another Action as usual.

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