Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Jedi Academy Training Manual

Throughout history, The Jedi Order has worked hard to preserve life in all forms throughout the galaxy while expanding its knowledge of The Force. Although Jedi do not seek to place any great importance on a single person, some individuals are recognized by their peers as well as those in authority for furthering the cause of The Jedi and helping others become decent members of the Order. These individuals are the masters and teachers of The Jedi whose knowledge and wisdom have passed down through the generations and are revered for their contributions that have helped guide the Order in its mission to bring peace and order to the galaxy.

Instructors of the Force Edit

The Jedi Order strives to preserve its ideals, doctrines, and knowledge to ensure the success and survival of the generations that follow. For that reason alone, The Jedi revere those who have dedicated their lives to teaching the ways of The Force to those who follow them. This reverence extends to members who train Padawans to become Jedi Knights and even Jedi Masters, as well those who are fixtures in Jedi Temples or Academies, instructing younger pupils within a classroom setting. Both services are equally important and vital to the survival of the Order. Within this group of Jedi instructors, a few have set themselves apart from the rest with their own studies and insights into the nature of The Force and become immortalized for the precedents they've set, the wisdom they've expounded, and the foundation they've laid.

Teaching through Example Edit

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Not all Jedi are gifted instructors. A few become sources of inspiration within The Jedi Order for their deeds and accomplishments outside of the training arena. Becoming the example by which all others are judged is almost certainly not the intention of those Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters who become exemplars of the Order through their actions abroad. Many of these paragons simply follow the Will of The Force and adhere to the teachings of their old Masters, ignorant of the legendary status thrust upon them. The simple act of serving the Order and helping those in need inspires future generations of Jedi to pursue their own destinies and make the galaxy a better place for all.

Anoon Bondara CL 16 A Jedi Battlemaster well-respected for his humility and broad mindset.
Arca Jeth CL 15 The inventor of Battle Meditation, a Jedi Master that helped put down Freedon Nadd's Uprising.
Cay Qel-Droma CL 9 An easy-going and humorous Jedi Knight, with a quick wit and mechanical expertise.
Cilghal CL 13 Niece of Admiral Ackbar and one of the first students of Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order.
Corran Horn CL 13 A former CorSec officer, and unknowingly a descendant of the Halcyon Legacy.
Dace Diath CL 8 A contemplative Jedi Knights, and close friend of Nomi Sunrider and the Qel-Droma brothers.
Luke Skywalker, Grand Master CL 20 Luke Skywalker at the height of his powers, during The New Jedi Order Era.
Kieran Halcyon CL 9 A Corellian Jedi, known most prominently for his work against the terrorist Afarathu group.
Kyle Katarn CL 14 A former gun-for-hire, who becomes a prominent figure to both The New Republic and Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order.
Mara Jade CL 17 The complex wife of Luke Skywalker, who previously acted as part of the Emperor's Hand.
Nomi Sunrider CL 9 A hero of the early Republic, notable for her status as a mother, and her role in the Onderon Beast Wars.
Odan-Urr CL 16 A Jedi philosopher that forms the foundation of The Jedi Code.
Ooroo CL 15 A wise Jedi Master, and mentor to Odan-Urr, and sacrificed his life during The Great Hyperspace War.
Oss Willum CL 10 A respected Jedi Knight that is manipulated by Exar Kun, and possessed by Sith Spirits.
Shoaneb Culu CL 7 An inquisitive Jedi student, eager to bring knowledge of The Force to Alpheridies.
Thon CL 15 The ponderous Jedi Master that aids Nomi Sunrider in her unorthodox training.
Tott Doneeta CL 9 A contemplative Jedi, renowned for his ability to communicate with any beast in the galaxy.
Vodo-Siosk Baas CL 15 The Jedi Watchman of Dantooine, and regretful teacher of Exar Kun.

Message from the Faculty: Jedi Marriage Edit

Romantic entanglements are one of the most challenging aspects of being a Jedi. Maintaining a balance between The Light Side and The Dark Side is hard enough without the problems of a married life coming into play.

The Jedi Order's view on the rules of marriage have fluctuated over time. The Council has final say, but often as the members of the Council are replaced, the current views are challenged and the rules debated again. Depending on the Era of Play, a Jedi hero might be married. The Gamemaster also has the option of introducing romantic subplots, such as the starry-eyed young Padawan who falls for a Sith Apprentice who wishes to turn the fledgling Jedi to The Dark Side.

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