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The galaxy is vast, and even after thousands of years of study, only a tiny fraction of the planets, Species, and Beasts that it contains have been discovered, much less studied. Jedi Padawans are warned of the untold dangers that await them in the galactic vastness, which is not to say that The Jedi should destroy every dangerous beast they encounter. However, if one is to fulfill the role of galactic peacekeeper, one must be aware of the dangers that the galaxy abides.

The creatures and individuals described here are but a sample of the strange, exotic, and lethal dangers that a Jedi might encounter during an adventure. Some creatures are relegated to a single planet or even a single location, but others have managed to spread across the galaxy. In rare circumstances, The Jedi have deemed some of these creatures, notably those altered by The Dark Side, as grave threats that must be eliminated to help bring harmony to the galaxy.

The Jedi are interested in Beasts that have sensitivity to The Force and the ability to wield it in some manner. The Jedi Council has numerous ongoing programs in place to discover, catalog, and study Force-sensitive creatures, both to learn more about them and to gain a greater insight into their own assumptions on how The Force manifests itself. One thing is for certain- most creatures are dangerous in their own right, but those that can command The Force tend to be smarter, faster, tougher, or deadlier than normal.

Dark Siders Edit

The following section provides a rogues' gallery of Force-sensitive villains who might cross paths with the heroes during their exploits. These villains range from low-level lackeys to unique, named characters with sinister motives and evil agendas. Because of their strong ties to The Dark Side of The Force, these NPCs make great enemies for groups of heroes containing one or more Jedi characters.

A Gamemaster who has no intention of using the villains described herein is still encouraged to use the villains' statististics. With a simple name substitution, any of the Dark Siders presented here can fit into a GM's home campaign.

Azrakel, The Dark Warrior CL 6 The Prophets of the Dark Side, The Fringe A test subject of Palpatine, abandoned and then taken in by Kadann as his apprentice.
Blackguard Minion CL 1 The Blackguard Non-Force-sensitives, recruited by San'sii the Kursk to aid Blackguard Wilders.
Blackguard Wilder CL 4 The Blackguard Proven warriors of The Blackguard, with a zeal and focus equal to Jedi Knights.
Brakiss CL 11 The Galactic Empire, Kueller A former student of Skywalker's Jedi Academy, now in command of the Second Imperium's Shadow Academy.
Carnor Jax CL 16 The Galactic Empire, The Royal Guard An ambitious Royal Guard that seeks to elevate himself to Emperor after Palpatine's death.
Freedon Nadd, Dark Side Spirit CL 15 The Sith The dark and corrupting spirit of Freedon Nadd, tempting those that pry into The Dark Side.
Hethrir CL 7 The Galactic Empire A former acolyte of Vader, who uses his connections and slaving ring to finance the Empire Reborn.
Irek Ismaren (Lord Nyax) CL 12 The Galactic Empire A cybertronic Dark Side warrior, often in cahoots with his mother to reclaim the Empire.
Kueller (Dolph) CL 9 The Fringe A former student of Skywalker that brings The New Republic to crisis after the death of his parents.
Massassi Abomination CL 11 The Sith, Exar Kun Corrupted warriors of Exar Kun, used as shock troops in The Great Sith War.
Nightsister of Dathomir CL 12 The Witches of Dathomir An exiled Nightsister who has embraced The Dark Side to their own ends.
Prophet of the Dark Side CL 9 The Prophets of the Dark Side, The Galactic Empire A fortune teller, hunting down the last vestiges of The Jedi.
Sedriss (Qaga Lok) CL 14 The Galactic EmpireImperial Intelligence A loyal adept of Palpatine, aiding the resurrected Emperor on Byss.
Shadow Academy Student, Junior CL 2 The Galactic EmpireBrakissTamith Kai Initiates of Brakiss's Shadow Academy, furthering the interests of the Second Imperium.
Shadow Academy Student, Senior CL 6 The Galactic EmpireBrakissTamith Kai Experienced agents of the Shadow Academy, actively opposing Skywalker's Jedi Praxeum.
Sorcerer of Tund CL 11 The Sorcerers of Tund An illusionist, fallen to The Dark Side with their mystical craft.
Tamith Kai CL 10 The Witches of Dathomir, Brakiss The Nightsister liaison to the Second Imperium, and field commander of the Shadow Academy.
Xanatos CL 9 The Fringe The resentful ruler of Talos IV, seeking to undermine The Jedi Order.

Beasts Edit

See also: Beasts

The following section presents a menagerie of dangerous Beasts, all of which have some connection to The Force (And, in many cases, The Dark Side). The Gamemaster can use these creatures to populate worlds and locations visited by the heroes during their adventures. The Beasts included here are designed to challenge heroes of every level.

Although some Beasts, such as the Dxun Tomb Beast and the Shyrack, are associated with specific locations, a Gamemaster need only change a Beast's name to use it anywhere he or she wants. For example, a Dxun Tomb Beast could be renamed the "Shadow Stalker" and encountered in a ruin in the planet Ossus or anywhere else the Gamemaster wishes.

Battle Hydra CL 8
Battle Hydra
Beck-tori CL 12
Chrysalis Rancor CL 13
Chrysalis Rancor
Derriphan CL 7
Droch CL 0
Droch Swarm CL 2
Devourer CL 6
Dxun Tomb Beast
Hssiss CL 4
Marsh Haunt CL 10
Marsh Haunt
Nighthunter CL 8
Nighthunter (1)
Shyrack CL 3
Shyrack Swarm CL 5
Silooth CL 11
Silooth (1)
Sith Warbird CL 7
Sith Warbird
Sith Wyrm CL 15
Sith Wyrm
Storm Beast CL 7
Storm Beast
Taozin CL 12
Terentatek CL 14
Terentatek (1)
Tuk'ata CL 2
Tuk'ata Sith Hound
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