Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

See also: Force Powers

You call upon The Force to overload electrical systems and Droids, damaging or even destroying the unit.

Time: Standard Action

Targets: One target within 6 squares and within line of sight

Make a Use the Force check. Compare the result of the check to the target's Reflex Defense. If the check equals or exceeds the target's Reflex Defense, the target sustains damage as determined by the results of your check:

20 The target takes 4d6 points of Ion damage.
25 The target takes 5d6 points of Ion damage.
30 The target takes 6d6 points of Ion damage.

Special: You can spend a Force Point to increase the Ion damage dealt by this Force Power by an additional 2d6 points of Ion damage.

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