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Ion Pistols and Ion Rifles emit powerful bursts of electrostatic energy that can Disable Droids, Vehicles, and electrical devices in much the same way that Stun Weapons can incapacitate living creatures.

When you make a successful Attack with a weapon that deals Ion Damage, first subtract half of the Ion Damage from the target's Hit Points. Creatures that do not have Cybernetic Prosthetics are singed by the Ion energy, but suffer no other ill effects. Droids, Vehicles, electronic devices, and cybernetically enhanced creatures may suffer additional effects, as noted below:

  • If the Ion Damage reduces the target's current Hit Points to 0, the target moves -5 steps on the Condition Track and is either Disabled or knocked Unconscious.
  • If the Ion Damage (Before being halved) equals or exceeds the target's Damage Threshold, the target moves -2 steps on the Condition Track.
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