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Hunger Adventure Module created by Morrie Mullins (Converted by Wikia user Darthauthor).

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Preceded by Insurrection

Not long after the port workers are dealt with by whatever means the heroes select, a distress call comes in from one of the other landing pads. A small group of members of the Pinett Freedom Force, who have been sitting on the pad to keep ships from using it to land, is in trouble. The pad in question, A-13, has what was believed to be a nonfunctioning Tractor Beam positioned directly beneath it. In attempting to make the pad even more useless, the Freedom Force members tried to raise the Tractor Beam's main housing to block access. Unfortunately, they managed to activate the beam and yanked one of the Jon-Tow freighters out of orbit. It is now heading directly for the moon at a rate of speed high enough to kill the crew upon crash landing and to make a crater out of the half kilometer around A-13. To make matters worse, the pilot was knocked out when the freighter was yanked from orbit, and the life support systems have gone offline.

The main problem is with the old Tractor Beam itself. The circuits and gears that are its guts have begun to degrade, and small creatures have chewed through the lining of the power cables. The last time it was used was twenty or more years ago (During the Clone War), and in that time, enough wires have gotten crossed that when the Tractor Beam activated, it found the largest orbiting ship and began to pull it straight down.

Heroic Choices[]

Rather than prevent the Jon-Tow freighter from crashing, the heroes might simply decide to return to their own ship and leave Pinett. Taakses, of course, begs for help. Lives will be lost if something isn't done. Note that whatever their affiliation, it's not in the best interest of the heroes to let Pinett be smashed by this ship. The Empire wouldn't be happy to lose an operative like Oryel Taakses, nor do they wish to risk alienating the residents of Pinett, which has a strong strategic position that could prove useful in the future. Heroes on the side of the Rebellion should need no other incentive than to do what is right.

Once spurred to action, the heroes can head for the source of the problem- landing pad A-13- and try to disengage the Tractor Beam. The housing itself is shielded (It has to be, or hostile ships being brought in would simply blast away at the Tractor Beam until they got free), but it's accessible manually. The housing can be breached physically (100 WP, Hardness 10) or with a DC 35 Mechanics check to bypass the security. Once this is accomplished, the heroes can disengage the Tractor Beam with a DC 25 Mechanics check.

Once the signal shuts down, life support kicks in, and the co-pilot wakes up enough to bring the freighter out of its dive. Another option is to try to board the runaway vessel and regain control of it. A hero who gets to the ship's controls can stop the descent with a DC 20 Pilot check. But time is short. There are only 20 rounds in which the heroes can get their own ship started again (6 rounds), accelerate upward to meet the descending vessel (6 rounds, minus 1 for every 5 points above 20 on the Pilot check, to a minimum of 3 rounds), dock (DC 15 Pilot check and DC 18 Use Computer check over the course of 2 rounds), and get to the flightdeck. It won't be easy.

Of course, the heroes also might try to blast the freighter out of the sky or come up with some other means of preventing the crash. Use the DCs provided for the options above as a guide in whatever the character choose to do.

Continued in Intervention