Homebrew Reference Book: Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook - Vehicles and Vessels

Starship Systems Type: Defense Systems

Emplacement Points: 2

Availability: Illegal

Size Restriction: Colossal or Larger

Cost: 40,000 (Base)

Sensor Masks line the interior cargo and living space of Starships with special materials designed to refract penetrating sensor scans. This severely dampens the ability of sensors to detect or locate various objects or passengers. With an Interior Sensor Mask installed, a -10 penalty is imposed on any Use Computer checks made to detect passengers or cargo onboard the vessel. With a failed check, sensor scans indicate that the ship’s cargo and passenger holds are empty. Upon a successful roll, the scans are unable to provide conclusive results as to the number of life forms or the type of cargo, but their presence is detected.

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