Hunger Adventure Module created by Morrie Mullins (Converted by Wikia user Darthauthor).

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Preceded by Inspection

On arrival, the heroes are greeted by a delegation from the Pinett Freedom Force. Either because he is expected to meet the heroes, or because he is escorting his nephew to meet them, Daetan Taakses is with the delegation. As soon as he begins to greet them, however, a group of disgruntled port workers decide to vent their frustrations

In the absence of information to the contrary, the port workers have assumed that the heroes' ship is something special. After all, Taakses doesn't meet most of the ships that land here; in fact, he doesn't come out much at all because of his lack of popularity with certain locals. He and his companions are somewhat overmatched by the assortment of thugs who want nothing quite so much as to do him harm. The port workers believe that, without Taakses, the moonside problems would end, ships would land once more in vast numbers, the economy would rebound, and all would be right on Pinett again. But since Taakses won't end his hunger strike or call off the Freedom Force, the port workers have decided that he must be killed.

The real difficulty for Taakses is that he is a pacifist. He doesn't want to fight, and he's commanded his entourage of four members of the Pinett Freedom Force not to fight, even if attacked first. They scramble for cover and attempt to keep themselves alive, but Taakses has been very clear: Fighting only shows that the Freedom Force is willing to use violence to accomplish its ends, when nothing could be further from the truth. It is, in his words, "Better to die doing what is right than to live doing what is wrong." Thus, no combat stats are provided for Taakses or his entourage, though they should all be treated as Nonheroic of varying levels.

The port workers are Thugs; there are two for each hero present.

All targets should be able to scramble for cover when they see the port workers approaching with blood in their eyes. Everyone but Taakses calls for help; the Rodian simply closes his eyes and apparently begins to meditate.

It is possible to reason with the port workers, bribe them, or use Force skills to dissuade them from violence. Fighting is far from the only option. If it seems that your heroes are not inclined to protect the helpless innocents, feel free to have the port workers (Who are disgruntled and irrational to begin with) decide that these off-worlders are in league with the Pinett Freedom Force, and open fire on them. One or more of the heroes should, however, recognize Taakses (DC 10 Perception check) or his nephew as their contact, and do what they can to keep the Rodians and their allies alive

Continued in Interruption

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