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Hunger Adventure Module created by Morrie Mullins (Converted by Wikia user Darthauthor).

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Whatever the reason for the heroes' approach to Pinett, the sight of the dual blockades ringing the planet should come as a shock to them. None of their contacts on the moon have been communicative lately, and their instructions were to arrive, go about their business, and leave. It appears that arriving will be only the first of their challenges.

Pinett is a small moon, even as moons go, so the sight of several dozen ships in orbit around it strikes you as more than a little odd. Your Comlink hisses to life.

"Unidentified vessel, this is freighter Nosh vu'Ta of the Corsignis line. Please enter orbital pattern gamma above Pinett and await further instructions. Moonside may not be safe for landing, so please hold."

Seconds later, your Comlink hisses again and a different voice, raspier, speaks.

"Unknown ship, this is command wing Herriar, Jon-Tow private security. Pinett requires security clearance. Please enter into orbital pattern delta. Do not enter orbital pattern gamma. All ships in orbital pattern gamma will be shot.

No sooner does the communication end than the first voice speaks once more.

"Unknown vessel, disregard Jon-Tow commands, orbital pattern gamma is safe. Orbital pattern delta is on military hold, and Jon-Tow lasers malfunction more than taun-tauns stink."

"Nosh vu'Ta will cease communication on Jon-Towchannels!"

"Herriar will cease harassing ships en route to orbital pattern gamma!"

The Herriar and The Nosh vu'Tawill continue this for as long as the heroes let them, or until you get tired of it. The heroes can elect to pull into orbital pattern gamma (To wait for The Nosh vu'Ta) or orbital pattern delta (To wait for The Herriar). They can also elect to bypass the orbiting ships and head for the surface, toward the landing platform for which they have coordinates. If they've got a hotshot pilot, getting through the blockade and to the planet below will require some fancy flying, but it can be done. The following series of Pilot checks allows them to slip past without going through an inspection at the hands of either the Corsignisor the Jon-Tow captain.

Pilot checks:

  1. DC 15 to accelerate into the orbiting haze of ships. Failure indicates the heroes must pull up outside the outermost orbit and allow themselves to be escorted to either gamma or delta (Roll randomly)
  2. DC 25 to weave through the orbiting ships. Failure indicates the heroes fly too close to another ship's exhaust and burn out a sensor array, making navigation impossible; they must wait to be escorted to either gamma or delta (Roll randomly)
  3. DC 28 to avoid running into a huge freighter in a low orbit. Failure indicates the heroes are caught in the freighter's Tractor Beam, then ionized (5d10x2 points of damage)
  4. The heroes are chased by two hotshot pilots, one Jon-Tow and one Corsignis. Each has +20 to Pilot checks, and each can Take 10, even under stressful conditions. Pulling ahead of either of the two by three range increments beyond starting distance breaks off the pursuit.
    1. Note: Diving for the ground and leading the fighters over populated areas may be grounds for a Dark Side Point, if it puts innocents at risk.


If the heroes submit to an inspection, then either the crew of The Herriar or the crew of The Nosh vu'Ta send a scanning crew aboard, do a quick once-over of the ship and its manifest, and leave. They don't really care what's being transported- only that it's not the property of the other side.

Roleplay/information points for this scene:

  • The scanning crew knows about the problems on the planet and are more than happy to be in orbit. The people down on Pinett are not thought of highly by either Jon-Tow or Corsignis employees, and are viewed as reactionary dolts who can't appreciate the good that the corporations have done them.
    • Communications with the Jon-Tow ship (Herriar) are brusque. The captain refuses to give his name (He's had too many of his own superiors come through on "Surprise inspections" and berate him for a lack of professionalism), but he does clarify that the "Military Security" on Pinett is not of Pinett's doing, and is in place for the "Protection of the moon and her people."
    • The Corsignis ship Nosh vu'Ta (Huttese for "We Profit") is much more polite. Corsignis is not affiliated with the Hutts but does admire some (Though not all) of their business practices. The name is part homage, part joke, since the Corsignis Property Alliance is very intent on obtaining credits, but also tends toward humanitarian concerns (DC 15 Knowledge (Galactic Lore) check to recognize the Corsignis name and know their reputation).
  • Neither the captains nor the scanning crews have any interest in bribes. If they were that concerned about money, they'd be shipping goods rather than sitting in orbit. They want to stop the other group from profiting, and each is willing to sacrifice its own prosperity to hurt the other.
    • The purpose of the blockade, according to either the Corsignis captain or a Corsignis scanning crew: "The Jon-Tow consortium has profited for too long from the exploitation of the common folk of this system. They want to control all the trade through Pinett, and if they do, they will be able to dictate how much they pay in docking fees. Knowing them, they won't pay any, and Pinett will be bled dry. We, on the other hand, want to establish primary control in order to keep Pinett prosperous. It's a good location."
    • The purpose of the blockade, according to either the Jon-Tow captain or the Jon-Tow scanning crew: "Corsignis is greedy and wishes to put all smaller businesses out of the system. We are small, but we are angry. They will not take Pinett from us. We live in the system, while they only come here to trade. We want them gone from our home."

Continued in Insurrection