Armor Check Penalty

Use this skill to gain an advantage in combat.

Special: You can Take 10 on an Initiative check, but you can't Take 20.

Start Battle Edit

An Initiative check sets the order of combat when a fight starts. Each character aware of the fight makes an Initiative check and goes in order from highest to lowest. When Piloting a Vehicle in combat, you must apply the Vehicle's size modifier to your Initiative check (See Vehicle Sizes, below).

Vehicle Sizes
Colossal (Station) -10
Colossal (Cruiser) -10
Colossal (Frigate) -10
Colossal -10
Gargantuan -5
Huge -2
Large -1

Avoid Feint Edit

When an opponent attempts to Feint in combat, you oppose his Deception check with an Initiative check. If you meet or beat their Deception check result, their Feint result fails.

 Additional Initiative Applications Edit

The following applications of the Initiative skill are compiled from the subsequent reference books released for Saga Edition:

Saber Lock (Requires Block) Edit

Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Jedi Academy Training Manual

Many times two Lightsaber combatants will strike at one another, locking their Lightsabers together in a test of strength and skill as their blades crackle with contact. As an optional rule, whenever a Jedi with the Block Talent rolls their Use the Force check to negate the attack and the skill check result is exactly equal to the incoming attack roll, the attack is negated and a Saber Lock occurs.

Both characters lock their Lightsabers together, and both the original attacker and the blocking Jedi make an opposed Initiative check. The character with the higher result may make an immediate Unarmed attack against the other character as a Free Action, at which point the Saber Lock ends.

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