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Disruptive devices used by The Ember of Vahl, Incendiary Grenades coat the battlefield in Fire, which Vahl cultists are largely resistant to. These inflammatory weapons detonate in a 3-square radius, dealing its initial damage in the round its thrown. What makes Incendiary Grenades so favored by Vahla, however, is that the Fire has a tendency to linger, remaining within its Burst radius for 1d4-1 rounds.

When you make an Area Attack with an Incendiary Grenade, you make a single attack roll and compare the result to the Reflex Defense of every target in the Grenade's Burst radius. Creatures you hit take full damage, and creatures you miss take half damage. A target with the Evasion Talent takes half damage from a successful attack, and no damage if the attack misses.

Weapon Type: Grenades

Size: Tiny

Cost: 300

Damage: 2d6

Weight: 0.5 Kilograms

Type: Fire

Availability: Restricted, Rare

Special: This is an Area Attack Weapon.

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