Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Rebellion Era Campaign Guide

You have mastered the ability to make something out of nothing, turning spare parts and scrap into a Sensor Pack, a Weapon, or a protective suit of Armor. You can build what you need on the fly, and sometimes your customized gear proves more useful than what you otherwise might have purchased.

Bigger Bang Edit

Prerequisite: Improvised Device Talent

Whenever you create a Grenade with the Improvised Device Talent, the Grenade deals an additional die of damage when used.

Capture Droid Edit

Once per encounter, you can use this Talent on an adjacent enemy Droid that has been reduced to 0 Hit Points or moved to the bottom of the Condition Track, but not destroyed. As a Standard Action, make a Mechanics check against the Droid's Will Defense. If your result equals or exceeds the Droid's Will Defense, the Droid moves +2 steps on the Condition Track, regains 1d8 Hit Points, becomes your ally, and it's Attitude toward you immediately shifts to Friendly. The Droid fights on your side until the end of the encounter, at which point it is destroyed.

Custom Model Edit

Prerequisites: Improvised Device Talent, Tech Specialist Feat

Whenever you create a device with the Improvised Device Talent, you can apply one modification granted by the Tech Specialist Feat to the device. This customization does not affect the value of the item being created.

Improved Jury-Rig Edit

You can use the Jury-Rig application of the Mechanics Skill as a Standard Action instead of as a Full-Round Action. Additionally, you are not required to make a Skill Check to successfully Jury-Rig a device or Vehicle, and the device or Vehicle moves +3 steps on the Condition Track instead of +2.

Improvised Device Edit

You can create a temporary piece of almost any type of Equipment from the spare parts you have around. To do so, you must make a DC 25 Mechanics check and spend one hour building the device. The object can have a maximum value of 200 credits x your Class Level, it cannot have an availability of Rare or Illegal, and it cannot be unique. The device you create must be something that you would be reasonably familiar with, and after 24 hours the object is destroyed. You can use this Talent once per day.

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