Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Unknown Regions

"Imminent Impact" is a mini-adventure designed for 7th-level heroes that involves the planet 244Core. In this scenario, the heroes take a quick smuggling job for the Tor-Ro-Bo Corporation and find themselves racing to fend off attackers and evacuate before a Meteorite Storm pummels their landing platform.

Adventure Outline Edit

The heroes find themselves deep in the Unknown Regions when they suddenly require local currency or credits for survival. Working with a local contact, they are put in touch with a corporation in need of smuggling services. The heroes soon find themselves on 244Core, picking up a shipment of raw ore that the Tor-Ro-Bo Corporation wants smuggled offworld to avoid sharing the profits with other companies on the planet.

While the ship is being loaded, word comes that an unexpected asteroid collision is sending a Meteorite Storm toward 244Core. To make matters worse, because the world is in a volatile phase of its development, the corporations jockeying for control are more likely to engage in open warfare. Thus, Eeook security forces attack the facility to deter To-Ro-Bo's smuggling efforts. The heroes help fight off the attackers, but the hangar holding their ship is damaged. With their vessel trapped in the structure and the imminent arrival of the meteor storm, the heroes must work quickly to free the ship, load the remaining ore, and evacuate their employers.

This mini-adventure is broken up into three parts:

  1. The Job
  2. Contract Enforcement
  3. Conclusion
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