Hunger Adventure Module created by Morrie Mullins (Converted by Wikia user Darthauthor).

"Hunger" is a Star Wars Roleplaying Game mini-adventure for four heroes of 10th to 12th level. The adventure is set during The Rebellion Era, but it can be modified to work in any time period.

The scenario can be modified for heroes of higher level by raising the skill check DCs as appropriate to your party and adding one or more high-level Elite Troopers to the fight with Jaeth and Looca as Jaeth's secondary lieutenants. The scenario can be modified for characters of lower level by lowering all skill check DCs by one for every level the average level of your party is below 10 and reducing the number of guards present for Jaethto.


Pinett is a small mining moon in the Elrood Sector that has so far managed to escape the interest of the Empire. It sees moderate traffic, due to its proximity to several spice routes that run across The Mid Rim and The Outer Rim, and its two spaceports generally remain filled to capacity with various freighters that stop to refuel.

Recently, two factions on the planet- economic factions, both of which claim loyalty to the Empire but pay it as little mind as anyone on the edge of The Outer Rim- have begun vying for control of the spaceports. The Corsignis Property Alliance (Headed by Deniv Corsignis) and the Jon-Tow Economic Development Group (A consortium of mid-level smugglers and ne'er-do-wells from around the system) have traded blows in an economic power struggle that recently resulted in both organizations setting up a blockade above Pinett. Each group's goal is to block the other's ability to control trade through the ports of Oscum and Beliarr.

This mutual embargo is doing neither faction any good, but neither is willing to back down. Corsignis (A Chagrian who does not appear in this adventure) is renowned for his rather Gamorrean approach to business- if something doesn't seem to work well the first time, he just puts his head down and bashes at it until something gives. The Jon-Tow consortium, on the other hand, was barely able to organize a vote to set up the embargo, and now the membership is completely divided on whether to end the blockade or leave it in place. Some of the wiser members of the consortium have recognized that their actions amount to cutting off their collective nose to spite their collective face, but others maintain that backing down when Corsignis has not (And likely will not) is a sign of weakness that they can ill afford.

The net effect is that traffic into Pinett is painfully slow, and people who live on the planet and rely on the spaceports for their livelihood are beginning to suffer. A group of locals calling themselves the Pinett Freedom Force has decided to peacefully protest the blockade. This protest originated with their leader, a Rodian named Daetan Taakses, beginning a very public hunger strike, and has progressed to the point where the protesters walk back and forth across any empty landing platform, allowing only ships that are not associated with either Corsignis or Jon-Tow to land. The problem is that the individuals who work at Oscumand Beliarr have thus far failed to see that the real problem

Getting the Characters Involved

There are always deliveries to be made, favors to be repaid,and blockades to be run. Depending on your group, you might consider one of the following reasons for the heroes to be approaching Pinett.

As couriers for the Empire, the heroes are making a clandestine delivery to one of the senior members of the Pinett Freedom Force: Daetan Taakses's nephew, Oryel Taakses. Oryel is an Imperial informant on Pinett, and his personnel file indicates that the only loyalty he has that is stronger than his ties to the Empire is his loyalty to his family. He is particularly fond of his uncle Daetan, whose values he cites as a major reason for his own willingness to attempt to maintain order in this portion of the galaxy so far removed from the Imperial center. When his uncle appears to be in danger, Oryel asks the heroes to do him- and the Empire- a favor and help to maintain order.

As agents for the Rebellion, the heroes are bringing supplies to the blockaded families. Their contact is none other than Daetan Taakses. While he is not eating as part of the protest, he believes it would be inappropriate to ask others to do the same. He wants the people of Pinett fed. It is clear, from everything the heroes know, that Taakses is a good individual, a calming force in what might otherwise be a chaotic and dangerous place.

Another option: the heroes are attempting to smuggle contraband through a series of Empire-controlled systems. A recent brush with Imperial forces left their ship crippled, and Pinett was the nearest locale with a suitable spaceport. In order to get their ship safely out once they've docked, they need to calm down the locals.

Any of these means, or one of your own devising, eventually brings the heroes to Pinett and introduces them to the adventure. The tense situation quickly becomes clear, and they find themselves mixed up in something much bigger than they'd expected. The general motivations above can be modified to fit any era (There are always smugglers and spies and humanitarian efforts to be made), and you should feel free to modify them to suit the needs of your campaign.


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Whatever the reason for the heroes' approach to Pinett, the sight of the dual blockades ringing the planet should come as a shock to them. None of their contacts on the moon have been communicative lately, and their instructions were to arrive, go about their business, and leave. It appears that arriving will be only the first of their challenges.


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On arrival, the heroes are greeted by a delegation from the Pinett Freedom Force. Either because he is expected to meet the heroes, or because he is escorting his nephew to meet them, Daetan Taakses is with the delegation. As soon as he begins to greet them, however, a group of disgruntled port workers decide to vent their frustrations.


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Not long after the port workers are dealt with by whatever means the heroes select, a distress call comes in from one of the other landing pads. A small group of members of the Pinett Freedom Force, who have been sitting on the pad to keep ships from using it to land, is in trouble. The pad in question, A-13, has what was believed to be a nonfunctioning Tractor Beam positioned directly beneath it. In attempting to make the pad even more useless, the Freedom Force members tried to raise the Tractor Beam's main housing to block access. Unfortunately, they managed to activate the beam and yanked one of the Jon-Tow freighters out of orbit. It is now heading directly for the moon at a rate of speed high enough to kill the crew upon crash landing and to make a crater out of the half kilometer around A-13. To make matters worse, the pilot was knocked out when the freighter was yanked from orbit, and the life support systems have gone offline.


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Once the heroes have demonstrated their ability to solve different kinds of problems, Taakses takes a long look at them. He begins a conversation in which the following information is communicated to the heroes. Don't feel obligated to read the shaded text aloud word for word; instead, work it into the conversation in a more natural manner.

Wrapping Up

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To some extent, the most important aspect of this adventure may be what happens after the official "Goal" has been met. There are times, though, when a hero has to go above and beyond the parameters of the mission, in order to do what is right. Doing what's right is not just its own reward, either. If the heroes did a particularly good job mediating the dispute, they may be rewarded with honorary positions among the Jon-Tow, Corsignis, or Pinett groups, and called upon at later dates. Deniv Corsignis, for example, is a good individual to have on one's side, and a group of smugglers as organized (If sometimes obstinate) as the Jon-Tow can be a real boon.

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